1. Sarath

    Vote count '14. How many of you didn't vote & why?

    As the topic says who all here haven't voted and what are your reasons for it, good or bad.
  2. NiGHtfUrY

    Give me reasons to buy orginal windows 7!

    Moderators please note,it is not my intention to promote piracy in anyway through this thread,my intention is completely opposite,to curb piracy and to find reasons to promote buying original softwares. Title says it. Obviously other than the most fundamental reason PIRACY IS A CRIME...
  3. M

    Has anyone have experience with this Super cheap TV ?

    Hi guys, i won't do the talking much. I am desperately in search of an affordable TV over 42 inch for my home. have been searching from the past 2 wks. not able to come to a conclusion. Pls have a look at this TV & give your opinions. Is it ok to buy or not. If yes for what reasons & if not...
  4. A

    Warning : Hp build quality !

    Just wanted to warn the forum users about the pathetic build quality of HP laptops, this is what happened to my last HP laptop and this was after spending 5K once to replace the baseplate. Even now I seriously doubt the build quality of HP.One of the main reasons, why I went with Dell...
  5. seamon

    [Guide] Laptop Buying Guide.

    .....................||=====Go on, click it. .....................|| .....................V Greetings members and guests of TDF alike. Today I decided to create a guide of my own for all those laptop lovers and buyers out there. This is my first guide so please bear with me...
  6. K

    Lumia 720 or Xperia L...

    Plz suggest me wid reasons wch 1 to choose,either Lumia 720 r Xperia L.... Both contains almost similar features(ofcourse O.S is diff) n i like both. Wch O.S is gud(ofcourse both :) ),Android r Windows,give reasons plz?
  7. F

    Buying a new phone - budget 20k

    I am buying a phone, my budget is 20k, can extend to 21, 22 if needed. I need a nice phone, any suggestions? I am not in favour of any Android or Apple phones. With the right reasons I will chose the phone. Im not very knowledgable in this field, complete noob, tbh. So please help me...
  8. I

    Can a WD passport drive (500 GB) be repaired ??

    I have a western digital 500 GB external drive. It has some problem - the drive just hang the whole computer upon connecting and i just cant get it working. For some reasons, its warranty is void. So is there anything i can do with it to repair it ?? Like changing its card or something ??
  9. B

    Can Vintage Chip/Digit Magazines be sold through this Bazaar Forum

    I have with me the entire collection of Chip and Digit magazines right from the very first four introductory issues( priced at 80 bucks , ) from April 1998 till to date ( without CD/DVD). I have kept all these issues since the last 13 plus years for purely nostalgic reasons.For some...
  10. MetalheadGautham

    Firefox 6 is here!!!

    Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Free Download And this does not even seem like news. Mozilla's been upping the version number faster than the breeding rate of mosquitoes at the nearby garbage dump. Here's an interesting read that sums up a lot of my views: Firefox 6: Four Reasons Not to...
  11. buddyram

    Big company's Small Behaviour!

    An employee of IBM was forcefully asked to resign for no proper reasons. That too on its centenary day IBM sacks employee
  12. nixhead

    Why not Nexus S?

    I have a budget of 23-25K. I have to buy a phone within a month. I have read in various posts people saying Nexus S is not a good choice in this category. Please mention and justify your reasons here.
  13. utkarsh009

    what the cores of a cpu actually are?

    why is sandy bridge better than amd? why is sandy bridge better than amd? is it only due to clock speed? then can that performance be achieved by overclocking? if not then what are the other reasons? also apply the same question to older intel processors. why is intel always ahead of amd in the...
  14. J

    Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter

    please vote and give reasons
  15. J


    Ok,m planning on an upgrade and I'll need some cash which I will hopefully get by selling off my old/current configuration. The things for sale are:- Intel Core2Duo E4400 @2Ghz Intel Original DG965RY (ATX) Kingston 1 GB RAM @800Mhz(5-5-5-18) The components are in fine working condition.:)...
  16. aswin1


    Friends I added a new XFX HD 4670 graphic card to my PC with PSU 500W. Now the problem is my PC shuts down after a few mins of playing games like COD5 etc. I found my CPU is heating upto 100C on full load. Could this be the cause of the system shutdowns or should I consider other reasons also...
  17. phreak0ut

    10 reasons Ubuntu 9.10 will be a game changer for business

    Read the rest of the story here Not sure how much of a hit Ubuntu is on the server end, but it sure is ruling the desktops
  18. soumya

    Real Reasons for IE 6 Usage!

  19. D

    sach ka samna

    guys what are your views on this TV show- Sach ka samna aired on star plus?are you for or against it? please share your views & reasons.
  20. montsa007

    Looking to buy a laptop for 3d work, need help

    Hi guys, i'm looking to buy a laptop for maya, photoshop and graphics works. Here is what i'm looking for a 15 inch minimum display battery life is not much important as i'm always gonna be plugged in 320 gb of space atleast 512 mb graphics since i beleive the bigger the better :p 4 gig of...
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