Has anyone have experience with this Super cheap TV ?


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Hi guys, i won't do the talking much. I am desperately in search of an affordable TV over 42 inch for my home.
have been searching from the past 2 wks. not able to come to a conclusion.

Pls have a look at this TV & give your opinions. Is it ok to buy or not.
If yes for what reasons & if not also for what reasons i should not buy it.

Your expert comments are highly appreciated.

å°ç±³ç”µè§†â€”—å°ç±³ç”µè§†å®˜ç½‘(顶é…47寸 LG/三星å±3D智能电视)

No one knows about this TV ?
Any experts who have heard or seen about it ? come on guys, it is a quality product from Xiaomi which is like Apple for China !
Need inputs from experts about this TV...



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I doubt many users will have an experience with Xiaomi. But since you are sure about its quality and know that it is like Apple for China, then why not try it, and give your own reviews so that others may also think about trying it? :)


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Ok, thanks for replying.... i will try somewhere else to clarify my doubts.
But let me tell you one more important thing. Very soon Xiaomi is going to launch their products in India also. Hugo barra has said that in an interview recently...
I hope they bring their TV also to India.
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