Can Vintage Chip/Digit Magazines be sold through this Bazaar Forum

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I have with me the entire collection of Chip and Digit magazines right from the very first four introductory issues( priced at 80 bucks , ) from April 1998 till to date ( without CD/DVD).

I have kept all these issues since the last 13 plus years for purely nostalgic reasons.For some unavoidable reasons I will have to part with them .

Incase anyone for Nostalgic or Vintage or Archive reasons is interested in getting these magazines and if it's ok to sell them via this forum , I can scan the front page of each and every issue along with the required genuine details and post .



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I will be obliged if you can provide a few links where members have sold old mags .I will continue in that thread only else get an idea as to how to post for such a thing.



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No, those have been closed as the deal is over.

Don't hijack someone else's thread. That's a bazaar rule violation.

Create your own thread if you want to sell your stuffs.

And yeah, don't forget to follow each of these...



Just an years worth of magazines feel like they will take up a thousand bucks in shipping fees. How will you ship them?

Is it feasible to scan so many mags? Your entire catalogue of 13years will be too extensive. I suggest you mention the magazine and the issue month available and on request you can scan the front page for that buyer.

But since you cannot create a sale thread without pics, I suggest you take a picture with a normal camera of the issues stacked together with a normal camera.



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Well.... If they hold vintage value, then I'm in :p
Have issues from Dec-2000, including CD's & DVD's.

As Sarath Mentioned, Shipping costs was the problem due to which I was skeptical about selling them here.
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