1. lethalweaponforever

    Help buying stuff

    My parents are in singapore.....and want to buy me something......can anyone tell me a good original multiplayer racing game to buy.......
  2. furious_gamer

    Test Drive Unlimited - A Glance at the game

    I had installed this game few months ago when i had my OCed Pentium 4 with me. But due to occasional slow downs and frame drops i uninstalled it. Few days back, when i search for my GTA IV DVD i found this accidentally and i though of installing it, since i hadn't finished the game before. So i...
  3. F

    Car Racing Games for PS2.

    Hey Friends, Could u pls post the Car racing game Titles- combat, offroad, arcade or any kinda racing but not mission based games for playstation2. I have completed - NFS MW, Carbon n Undercover. Burnout- Takedown, Dominator n Revenge. Nascar -08 (didnt like it). Please help me with more...
  4. amrawtanshx

    FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for PC :Reviewed.

    FlatOut is a series of demolition derby-style racing games developed by Bugbear Entertainment and published by Empire Interactive. Well the promised sequel finally hits the PC's . Though the X360 version was released was released in Oct 2 , 2007 I got my hands on it ... So posting a review...
  5. arcticflare

    Big Rigs Anyone

    Has anyone played Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing??
  6. K

    Racing Game?

    I know, there must be gazillions of threads on this, but im too lazy to read them I'm on a p4, with 512 ram and a 7600gt. Anyone know of a nice Racing Game to play? I liked most wanted, though carbon and pro-street were pretty lame. Played Colin Mcrae 2005, though i don't think grid or dirt...
  7. Ethan_Hunt

    Burnout Paradise for PC BABY!

    Yes sir! You heard that right.The biggest arcade racing franchise which started out to be a console exclusive is now "finally" making it's way onto the PC.:D Check out this Article from Criterion Games: * It's seems Burnout Paradise has been...
  8. The Conqueror

    Racing games - Are they being Neglected ?

    Today the gaming industry is all the more crazy about FPS games, they are not making good racing games ....they latest example is pro street - a huge disappointment. only colin mcrae series, nfs mw are few good games but not much. Look at FPS games - cod4,crysis,bioschock,fear,halo,half life and...
  9. hahahari

    Racing GAmes:::Does anything rival NFS?

    Guys I have Played only NFS serie [minus prostreet]....I need someother racing game........btw I have tried Trackmania and flastout one apart from wat are the better ones except them..........This is not just a recomendation so I post it as a new thread
  10. A

    need prices of racing wheels

    Hi, my friend has decided to buy a force feedback wheel, his first wheel, after playing all racing games esp. NFS series on keyboard. He has shortlisted on 1. Logitech Driving Force EX 2. Saitek R440 3. Logitech MOMO wheel (might not buy this, but plz tell price) Thanks...
  11. CadCrazy

    Need For Speed Comes On Mobile Phones

    The thrilling high-RPM franchise explodes out of the underground and on to the world stage with Need For Speed ProStreet. Electronic Arts Inc. has announced that Need for Speed ProStreet for mobile will make its way onto mobiles across Europe on 26 October 2007 and across North America on 30...
  12. azzu

    ProStreet Dated

    Even though I was pretty disappointed with NFS Carbon, I must say ProStreet is looking pretty spiffy and like me, if you’re looking forward to the game as well you’ll be glad to know that it will hit Indian shelves by the 1st of November 2007. The only problem is that when you combine this...
  13. digit i am thinking

    I want to play Racing Game!

    Suggest me good racing game except NFS-series. Only for PC version Haw is GTR-2?
  14. Shikher_neo

    Best and worst?

    Well I thought it would be good to have friends view of the best and the worst games just post your best game in: Racing FPS Fighting Multiplayer
  15. S

    Racing Games :Which and will they run....??

    Hello I am a racing game fan (But I like Sims more). Can anyone suggest me good racing games in budget (No more then 1500 rs.) And they must be playable in my config. Intel 865 MB. 256 MB ram. 80 GB hdd. Ac97 onboard audio. ## And PLZ dont suggest to upgrade. I am not in a situation to...
  16. iMav

    Studies Indicate Racing Games Cause Driving Accidents

    Researchers say racing games may cause more accidents and more road rage Several days ago, DailyTech reported that researchers at Britain's BSM driving institution conducted a study that revealed gamers who play driving games tend to drive faster in real life. A new study by researchers at...
  17. T

    Moto GP '07 Announced for PC/Xbox 360

    THQ has announced that it will release MotoGP '07, the latest game in their acclaimed motorcycle racing sim series, for the PC and Xbox in fall 2007. Featuring new modes, tracks and customisation options, it looks like the bar will be raised yet again for racing enthusiasts. The newest...
  18. V

    some cool game pls

    my computer config is amd 3500+, with 512mb ram, nvidia 6150 inbuilt grafix pls suggest me some cool latest games with gud storyline and also some racing games, and excellent grafix tht i can run on my pc.
  19. s18000rpm

    The RACING Channel

    :D this thread is for all RACE freaks (no, not that race:D:D:D), post whatever you like/dislike about racing - F1, WRC, MotoGP, LocalGP racing :D, videos..... (racing games also allowed:D) *********************** lets get to business:D tell me what you like about Michael Schumacher &...
  20. bkpeerless

    bike game like nfs underground

    are there any bike racing games like underground where racing is on streets, nitrous,gang,costomizing. something like underground for cars.
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