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  • hey i will be obliged if u help me out in my query in buying laptops
    i wud appreciate ur suggestions
    plz help me out
    Hey bro
    From where did you got ur 8800gt?
    And for how much?
    Wat powersupply do you use and its cost?
    Have you purchased these things from lucknow?
    Well downloaded the skullputra rip and played it and noticed the graphics were higly jaggy. Went to Jerusalem and when everything seemed OK, took the backup of original exes of the ripped game and applied the patch. original was while patched was Graphics then improved a hell lot. Noticed one minor glitch that after completing the first 3 assassination missions in all the 3 cities the cut scene comes where they say theres some problem with animus, at that time the screen sort of blanked out but restarting the game did the trick.
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