1. S

    Free racing/simulation/flying games for Lenovo 320-15IKB

    Which games in these categories are available for free & can be played with aleast below high graphic settings on Lenovo 320-15IKB with these specifications: Operating System Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 7200U @ 2.50GHz 48 °C Kaby Lake-U/Y 14nm...
  2. Cyberghost

    DiRT 4

    Motorsport by its very nature is dangerous - it says so on the back of the ticket. DiRT 4 is all about embracing that danger. It’s about the thrill, exhilaration and adrenaline that is absolutely vital to off-road racing. And more than that, it’s about loving that feeling. It’s about pushing...
  3. Skyh3ck

    suggest games for 3 year old laptop

    Hello guys I used to have a good gaming pc, but later sold it and focus on a job, later i bought a laptop Lenovo b490 it has intel pentium dual core process with intel hd graphics i have played dragon on my laptop with law to medium setting, currently i have installed NFS underground 2 and it...
  4. harshilsharma63

    Real Racing 3 not working after update

    Hi. I got an update for Real Racing 3 and I installed it. But since then it just crashes on start. Is anyone else facing this problem? I'm on Lollipop 5.0.2 using a 2015 Moto G. I have tried re-installing it twice but no success.
  5. Tejo

    Any Android Bike Racing Games?

    I have seen of lot of racing games based on cars in play store, like GT Racing 2, Asphalt 8, NFS, Real Racing 3 etc. Are there any good games (something like the graphics in the above list) that are based on bikes?
  6. P

    P.r.o.j.e.c.t cars.(racing fans beware)

    NO ITS NOT A DIY GUIDE TO MAKING YOUR OWN CAR! Claimed "most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet" By the developers who plan to realese it on STEAMOS scrapping ps3 version!pc,Xbox one scrapping 360 version!wii u and the few others It's a...
  7. akhilc47

    Best Gamepad for FIFA

    I've two options f310 and xbox wired controller. Which one will serve better for fifa? And what about support to other games? Let's say racing games.
  8. S

    [For Sale] Logitech Driving Force GT April 2014, full warranty left with bill/box etc. Upgrading to G27.

    1. *Model number and details: Logitech Driving Force GT Key Features PC, PS2, PS3 Platform 900° Wheel Rotation Force Feedback Gas and Brake Pedals Sequential Stick Shift Paddle Shifters included 2. Date of purchase: 11 April 2014 3. Reason for sale: Upgrading to...
  9. Arjun609

    Best Racing Game!!!

    Best Racing Game PC !!! I know only racing games like Need for speed,Dirt and blur.I think that Need For Speed is the best But Iam curious that is there any game better than need for speed
  10. Alok

    Mad Max

    Mad Max is an upcoming post-apocalyptic vehicular combat video game set in an open world environment. It is based on the Mad Max film series, being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by Avalanche Studios. It is slated for release for Microsoft Windows...
  11. H

    Game suggestions

    Hi guys i just got an HD 7770 and i need some suggestions for games I already have Company of heroes 2 and Heart of the swarm and metro last light i want some good stress busting games with good graphics or if you have any other great suggestions please tell me... preferably with latest...
  12. R

    Carmageddon FREE for 24 hours!!!!!!!

    --- Free for the first day as a thank you to our Kickstarter Backers! --- Carmageddon is the original freeform driving sensation, where pedestrians (and cows!) equal points, and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. The game features anarchic...
  13. I

    Any scope for racing career?

    hello..m in huge trouble i have wasted 2 yrs after flunked twice.. now m gona srt again..i dnt knw i jus cant study..i duno wats wrng.. i have genuine passion for me its not that i like to drive fast on indian roads.. believe me i have never driven rash.. so can...
  14. A

    Can anyone suggest me the best mobile racing games (racing like temple run)?

    Can anyone suggest me the best mobile racing games (racing like temple run)? I am using S2. Thanks in advance !!!
  15. B

    Real Racing 3

    The game looks and plays awesome and is still free.. You can play the complete game free... How EA makes money is buy in-game purchases. Howevr the good news is that its not the stupid boosts(the pay to win type) but things like repairing your car etc. Which can also be done without purchases...
  16. P

    Please tell me which wheel is bigger in these two?

    Can anyone tell me which wheel is bigger in these two:- *Thrustmaster Universal Challenge 5 in 1 Racing Wheel- *Genius Speed Wheel 5-
  17. S

    Hi Think Digit heroes. Need guidance on HTPC- GAMING

    Hi people! This is my first post on thinkdigit.:razz: Sorry that I am asking for assistance right in my first post. I have a decent home theatre with Optoma HD66 projector, 100" DIY screen, Yamaha Rx473 receiver, Energy speakers, Velodyne sub and WDTV player. It has been my long time...
  18. A

    Suggest me some good PS3 games...

    I am going to buy PS3 this November... Please suggest me some good PS3 games - M gonna buy 5 of them so I want to buy the good ones... I am bored of fighting , RPG , games on PC . Can't fully enjoy them on PC play... PC only good for 1st person shooter games and racing (Racing GG if you...
  19. V

    My indie racing game

    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum. I have developed a Unity3D game. It is a rally racing game, check it out here : XPro Rally - Xpro Rally Please feel free to comment or give suggestions! :)
  20. s18000rpm

    Test Drive: Ferrari Legends

    Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends (or Ferrari Legends) is a racing video game in development by Slightly Mad Studios and to be published by Atari. It is the eleventh game in the series, and will be released on 3 July 2012 in North America. The game is a departure from the open world...
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