1. nix

    suggest game for kid w/low end PC

    all games that i have now are inappropriate for him[3rd or 4th grade] and i cant think of anything other than that toy racing game re-volt. pls suggest no-gore, adult content simple games that will run on low-end pc for kids...
  2. s18000rpm

    Numero Uno Racing Title

    Which is the best Racing Game Title you guys & if there are gals have played. ------------------------------------------------- When you reply- do add the reason>> Why do you think its the best, according to you. ------------------------------------------------- My best racing game played...
  3. s18000rpm

    Racing Game Titles- Info Needed

    can anyone give me info on "PC Racing Game Titles" Which have--- ->Really good "Driving" Physics (like NFS PU, F1 Series.) ->Good Damage Physics ->TRAFFIC ->maybe police.(like NFS Most Wanted). I'm waiting for Evolution GT. Toca Racing series is good but the grafix is no that good...
  4. wizrulz

    F1 experience

    I want to know a game which is based on f1 racing.... It should have decent graphics but all F1 rules based racing and tracks..... Heard abt F1 2002 but anything after that ?????
  5. S

    Which Game is for me ?

    Hi , I have 1gig of ddr333 ram . onboard i915G graphics. Will these games run on my system. 1.Burnout 2.Prince of persia Two thrones 3.Matrix . THe path of neo. I love nfs racing types . Can you suggest me some games that i may like ? And i dont mind running in low res and low settings...
  6. G

    Real Racing

    Hey Buddies Could anyone suggest me a good racing wheel for my PC. I want to have total control in NFS:MW. Also the prices Thanx
  7. Satissh S

    Popular Linux Games!

    Linux need not be only about coding, cli and shell scripting stuff! ;) In this thread, Lets add a list of linux games that we enjoyed playing, :) I Enjoyed playing, 1. LBreakout 2. Frozenbubble 3. Foobillard 4. Tuxracer 5. Supertux 6. Flightgear 7. Canonsmash 8. TORCS 9. Kdegames 10...
  8. D

    NFS Most Wanted - What is it with the EA Guys?

    I just got a momo racing force feedback blah blah wheel...n i was playing the nfs series.....when i realised the force feedback in Porsche 2000 was the god, so accurate bump mapping.....and engine vibrations? force feedback in later games totally suck! wonder what's with EA's force...
  9. shri

    New games to buy.

    :arrow: Hey guys and gals. I'm planning to buy a few games this month-end. Suggest some good ones of this year. I prefer action and racing games. But you can post your favourite games too...
  10. A

    gta san andreas stuck...

    Hey ppl ... i am stuck in two missions in San Andreas.. one is the Cesar Vialpando Lowrider Racing mission and the other is the Stadium racing mission.. someone tell me how to clear these missions.... i have played it many times.but does not work. in earlier gtas i would get out of the car and...
  11. bukaida

    Name a game that supports 5.1 dolby sound

    Can you name a recent FPS game which supports true 5.1 dolby digital sound? No racing or flight simulator please.
  12. A

    best pc car racer other than nfs????

    hey guys ive just completed nfsu2 and im looking for some other interestin racing games..wat do u suggest??
  13. D

    Need For Playing-NFS u2

    Hello GAMERS CAn you tell me whether Need For SPeed Underground2 can be played on a P4 1.6Ghz ,128Mb Ram ,40Gb Hard Disk,Nvidia TNt2Graphic Card(64mb). If Not Which are the racing Games that can be played on this System. (Tell some titles with the best possible graphics for this PC) :roll:
  14. D

    the best racing games

    Hi Guys , Can you tell some of the best racing games to be played on a system:- p4, 128mbRam ,40GB Hard Disk ,Nvidia TnT2 graphic card. Also some of the action games The games should run smoothly
  15. D

    Problem with games

    I'm using win98 Whenever I play try to any game It gives some error message For Eg:When I playFord racing 3 I got this message "DIRDRAW:1784:Unable to create the device:D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE
  16. hack expert

    Which multiplayer games do u like the most

    well i personally like Fps action after dat racing
  17. tweety_bird_bunny

    best games???

    plz tell me some good games of the following category.... car racing bike racing air fighting baseball game.....
  18. Geforce

    Vroom Vroom ... Racing Wheels

    Car Racing games can be really taxing on your fingers. Especially those F1 races at the 50th lap or so you won't feel your fingers. So... I have been thinking about buying a racing wheel preferably with force feedback support. Any Options ... Please give your suggestions. And ofcource...
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