1. gdebojyoti

    Soundtrack of PC games

    Is there any website from which one can download the sound tracks of most of the new PC games? Also, can someone tell me the name of the first music that is played during the Credits display in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood? Thanks in advance.
  2. mithun_mrg

    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

    has anyone downloaded & played the demo on steam
  3. Skud

    Why most people don't finish video games

    A pretty engaging read, head on to the following link:- Why most people don't finish video games - At least I, personally, can pretty much relate to the fact. It's easier for me to tell how many games I have finished in the past 2-3 years, rather than telling how many I have...
  4. quan chi

    How is Medal of Honor allied assault?

    Guys i have heard and read a lot about this game being one of the best.As it has been written by steven speilberg himself. I have played pacific assault and airborne.But unfortunately i havent tried this one.:-( I just want to have your views about this game.
  5. vamsi_krishna

    Playing some PlayStation classics

    I went a friends' house two hour ago. Looked at his new gaming rig. But went to his brother's room.. coz, of the sounds I've been hearing. When I got in, he was playing Tekken 3 on ePSXe Emulator. Nothing that I haven't done before. Anyways, He asked me to jump in. And configured his generic...
  6. TheMost

    Need Games like .....!

    Hi guys , I have an GTX 260 and finished GTA 4 , BULLETSTORM , Mafia 2 , angry birds ... Now i've been searching a worth game like that CAn someone suggest me some nice games with godd graphics ( if possible ) The games like GTA 4 (played episodes too) , Mafia 2 where i get those b'full...
  7. D

    Temperatures are too high

    Hi, I just had a new computer assembled and played games like Fable3,nfs:hot pursuit and civilization 5.All these games were played at max settings[1920 res. everything high] I used hardware monitor to keep track of max temps. Proc-75C gpu-64C Motherboard-123C[for civilization 5 ,Huge Earth...
  8. T

    Need For Speed WORLD

    Need For Speed WORLD is available FREE from Has anyone played the game here ? How is the game play ?
  9. ajayashish

    Best Sports Games: Your Opinion

    I believe there are a lot of sports fan like myself and would like to know everyone's views and reviews about the best sports games you have played. So what I mean by sports games is 1. Cricket 2. Football 3. Basket Ball 4. Baseball 5. Ice Hockey 6. Cycling 7. Boxing 8. and many...
  10. mohityadavx

    Can't Remember Game Name

    Hi! I had played a game some time back ( though i am not sure whether it was recently launched or an old game. It was a strategy like COD type. Where u had to operate two more soldier apart than yourself, make formation etc and then attack. I would be really grateful if someone can tell me the...
  11. gameranand

    Your most Emotional and Memorable moments of Game. (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

    You know guys I recently played and completed ME2 DLC Liar of the Shadow Broker. And the last conversation between Liara and Sheperd if sheperd had a realtionship with Liara in ME1 was really touchy. It was quite emotional and most romantic moments in a game I have played. Please Share yours...
  12. furious_gamer

    Best Cricket Game [PC]

    Title says, cast your vote. I recently played the Cricket Revolution game by Mindstorm studios and TBF it's one of the best cricket game i've ever played. Leaving aside the small hiccups in graphics, this game has the best stoke play for a cricket game. P.S : Cast the vote only if you've...
  13. soumo27

    Split Screen racing Game needed~!

    Please can anyone suggest me a good racing game that supports Split Screen and can be played between two players, simultaneously... Thank You.
  14. Reaper_vivek

    Need to know about games I haven't played yet.

    Guys I need to know about the most awesome games I haven't played yet... I have searched the net and they all have different results...So those of you who have played games apart from the one's mentioned below an liked it very much, please post it...Genres don't matter(except simulation) Games...
  15. vinayan

    Gaming Accessories for FIFA 2011 PC

    Hi all..I plan to play FIFA 11 on my PC(to be assembled this month)..I haven't played the latest versions for a long time now because of my PIII 256 RAM configuration..the one that i am still playing is FIFA 2004..pls look into my questions below.. Can this be played on Keyboard? Is gamepad...
  16. S

    Recommendations: Horror Games

    Hello folks! I've been planing on picking up some horror titles but I'm kind of confused as I never really played many horror games except Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill Homecoming and Alan Wake. Right now I'm thinking about getting F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R 2 so that I'm all ready when F.3.A.R...
  17. bajaj151

    Fraps 3.2.3 problem

    1 month back, I recorded videos playing on Firefox and Internet Explorer window but yesterday I can't...there is no frame counter.But when I tried fraps on stored video (played on VLC)...there is no problem in recording. I uninstalled fraps using Revo and then installed fraps...but same problem.
  18. vamsi_krishna

    Star Wars: The Force Unleased 2 Discussion

    Okay, as the game is coming out today.. lets start the discussion here. The demo was out on PSN, Live.. any one played it?
  19. D

    Pirate Galaxy - Browser-based space action game (no client required)

    Anyone here played pirate galaxy online ? Pirate Galaxy is a browser-based, action orientated,online space combat game set in the distant future featuring breakthrough 3D graphics with astonishing visual effects that pushes the envelope in the browser-based games segment. the game can...
  20. IronCruz

    Hd gaming

    What is the difference b/n HD gaming and normal gaming. Can HD gaming be played in PCs?
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