1. Vyom

    Steep: New game from Ubisoft for Snow Sports

    Steep Steep is an extreme sports game set in the Alps, an open world free for players to explore. The game can be played from either a first-person or third-person perspective, which can be switched instantly at players' will. The four main activities available in the game include skiing...
  2. stellar

    Metacafe Video not playing

    In windows 10 metacafe videos won't get played. "THIS VIDEO CANNOT BE PLAYED ON THIS DEVICE" when trying to play. what can be the problem and solution for it.
  3. rohitshakti2

    Can't run video files on PC downloaded from internet

    Hi<br><br>I have downloaded some videos using utorrent but when i tried to play them, they can't be played but when I play them inside the Utorrent, they play without any problem.<br><br>Please tell where the problem is ?<br><br>regards
  4. omega44-xt

    Help needed to set up a home theatre

    TV : Sony Bravia KLV-26S400A Home Theatre : Sony BDV-E3100 A local DTH set top box OK what I need is that the audio of set top box should be played via the home theatre instead of TV speakers. TV & Home theatre connected via HDMI TV & DTH connected via HDMI. This configuration...
  5. G

    Scariest Horror Game for pc...

    Which is the scariest horror game you have played till now on pc ? I have played Dying Light, Amnesia, Penumbra, Dead Island. Among all these, I found Penumbra as really scary game.
  6. seamon

    And the most played game in the world is.....

    .....League of Legends. Source:Raptr's Top PC Games of December 2014 | PC Perspective Told ya League>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DOTA 2.
  7. Desmond

    Homeworld series discussion

    I don't know how many of you guys are aware of this gem, but when I was growing up back in 2001, one of the few games I remember playing vividly was Homeworld. The first time I played it was when it was provided Howeworld Cataclysm Demo with the Digit Playware CD with first issue dated June...
  8. shankar_psn

    FPS Multiplayer ...

    I recently got a PS3 ... not played much though ... decided to play a FPS multiplayer ... I m confused between Battlefield 3 or 4 ... Else should I go for CoD Ghosts ... Which one is good ... Not played any other multiplayer than Counter Strike ... :-)
  9. C

    Burnout revenge.

    Hey guys, I Hope you all have played burnout paradise.But i want to ask that if anyone have played BURNOUT REVENGE.if yes yes please send me the link to download this game for PC.
  10. a_k_s_h_a_y

    VR Gaming experience at GDC 2014

    Eve Valkyrie on the OCULUS VR, You are inside a spacecraft inside the mother ship and checks are done, then you are launched out real fast at very high velocity! My absolute reaction was WOW WTF! Also the xbox controller gives you feedback at the launch, that felt damn good.. The first...
  11. mati17

    Sothink Video Converter Help Needed

    Dear Forum, I have a hollywood movie with dual audio (Hindi & English) in mkv format. I played it on my pc with vlc media player. It can be played in both english or hindi. Now i want to convert it in 3gp format to view in my mobile. I convert it with "Sothink video converter". it converts it...
  12. anarchy0x

    Need a very very powerful grapics card

    My main purpose- to play games fast, I can't tolerate when it lags. And of course, to enjoy the finest details of virtual reality. It ha been a decade since i have played games which have high requirements/have the finest graphics. The last ones I played are Far cry, Doom 3 so I don't know some...
  13. kartikoli

    Suggest Cooperative lan games using wifi

    Yesterday i have setup lan connection using wifi (mhotspot) and installed COD 4 to play multiplayer with my brother. All went fine but i want to play campaign along with my bro not against him Is there any good FPS (or any other) game which can be played in Cooperative mode Want to refresh...
  14. sam9s

    sam9s Online Radio Station project! powered by Synology 413j and ICECast

    Hi All, Me again :D . with another project of mine which I was working for like 3,4 months now. Since the day I learnt that you can have your own personal radio station using ICEcast I wanted to have one for me as well. I had my old laptop lying around and all else it needed was RnD, time and...
  15. Zangetsu

    Lone Survivor

    Has anybody played it on PC? its releasing for PS3 & PS Vita 8-)
  16. H

    Grand Strategy Games discussion thread

    We can use this thread to discuss grand strategy games like Europa Universalis, Victoria, Crusader Kings etc. Q: I have never played a strategy game. Where do I start? A: Hearts of Iron III with the expansions Their Finest Hour, Semper Fi and For The Motherland. Q: I have only ever played...
  17. anuragsinghh

    should i buy bioshock infinite

    i haven't played bioshock 1 or 2 so i'm really confused whether should i get it or not , i have played bioshock 2 but it was really boring and every one says bioshock 2 is a really bad game because it hasn't been made by the original bioshock makers , so can i play infinite whithout playing...
  18. mang

    PC Audio low sound usb plays fine

    I have a 2.1 speaker system with USB/MMC sloth it is conected to pc with 3.5 mm to RCA cable at its back. When i played from the inbuild usb it sounds fine and loud but whatever feed from the pc to speaker is 3 level lower in volume compare to that played from the inbuild USB player at the same...
  19. S

    PSU Not Working specs are :- intel core i3 530 intel motherboard dh55tc gigabyte hd7750 6 gb ram cooler master elite 350 w psu as me exams are coming up,i decided to put away my hd 7750.after that i wanted to test my i3,so i played sleeping dogs.of course,it played terribly,with even the lowest...
  20. anky

    soe nice pc games to be played on LAN(offline multiplayer)

    hello frnds.. please suggest me some good games which are enjoyable on LAN(offline multiplayer).. i have played counter strike, split second etc and need some other games.. thanks in advance..!
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