Why most people don't finish video games


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A pretty engaging read, head on to the following link:-

Why most people don't finish video games - CNN.com

Take last year's "Red Dead Redemption." You might think Rockstar's gritty Western would be played more than others, given the praise it enjoyed, but you'd be wrong.

Only 10% of avid gamers completed the final mission, according to Raptr, which tracks more than 23 million gaming sessions.

Let that sink in for a minute: Of every 10 people who started playing the consensus "Game of the Year," only one of them finished it.

How is that? Shouldn't such a high-rated game keep people engaged? Or have player attention spans reached a breaking point?

Who's to blame: The developer or the player? Or maybe it's our culture?

The correct answer is, in fact, all of the above.

At least I, personally, can pretty much relate to the fact. It's easier for me to tell how many games I have finished in the past 2-3 years, rather than telling how many I have played. ;)

So do you agree with the article? And what's the percentage of games that you have finished in the last 12 months?


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I finish the games I play no matter how hard it is. But yeah, only game I havent completed till date is Project IGI 1 :(
Didnt have cheats and never tried a Trainer :(


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ummm I have finished around 7 out of 12 games I have purchased. It gets boring actually, if mission is difficult. If you have time, then no problem, but when you have only sat-sun for your family, time is hard to get by... :)


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Same here, gagan. Hardly any time to engage in a story-based game like RPG or FPS/TPS. Racing and RTS are order of the day. Currently playing Witcher 2, don't know how far can I go. :(


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i have many games that are played upto a certain level & removed. the profile is saved so that at a latter date i can resume from that point. most of my unfinished games are TPS.


Well nice thread.

I have finished countless( ok i'll count someday and tell you and soon post my complete backlog.....very long list)

now ontopic there are also a lot which i left in between reasons are simple

1. Get bored with game(repeating gameplay or bad graphics).
2. Got something new and better.
3. Facing some bug that made me to uninstall it.

some are below

1.hitman silent assassin#reason#-was bad and boring

2.super mario-#reason#-strange but true, i'm a game bug but i didn't finished that legendary and can't tell reason:-(

3. Max Payne#reason# get bored.

4.return to castle wolfenstein-#reason#-got new one(2009)

5.crysis warhead-#reason#- black ops

(carbon, underground, shift)
-#reason#- after playing near 50% getting bored.

7.Dragon Age 2-#reason#- didn't have time.

8.x-men wolverine-#reason#- when i was playing this i got DA:O so uninstalled.

9.Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands-#reason#- $hit bugs and strange face of prince:-x


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Similar situation with hitman and nfs. Have played Max Payne on all my 4 graphics cards till date, can play it till eternity. And I couldn't finished Wolfenstein (2009) despite liking it very much. Problem was I couldn't devote continuous time for it, and every time I start after a gap, I was getting confused where to go and what to do. After trying to revive it more than a dozen times, I needed a Windows reinstall. End of game! ;)


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I usually finish most games I play(they're loads). But like everyone else I too have a few unfinished ones due to the same reasons as kola.

Serious Sam the first encounter - didn't like it
NFS MW - got really really bored
X-Men origins wolverine - got even more bored with hack and slash
PoP Forgotten Sands - bug in game -.-
PoP sands of time - got to a reallyyyyyyyyyy boring puzzle so quit

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Most people are unable to finish games because bl**dy console port keymapping isnt done properly (DMC4, dark void etc)


Yeah i have dmc 3se . Nice game but bad port , i can't play it my controller coz it uses right analog to move:-x anyways finished by using keyboard.

PoP sands of time - got to a reallyyyyyyyyyy boring puzzle so quit

that's old game but
lol :-Dthat's one in my favorite list:-Dand which puzzle u find boring??


Well I usually complete my games once I start a game. Some of the games that I did not complete are:

1. Project IGI 2 : Too Hard after 4 stages
2. Titan quest : Repetitive gameplay
3. DMC : Very bad port
4. Dungeon siege 3 : Repetitive gameplay + bad story (DS1 and DS2 are one of my favorites)
5. Heavenly Sword (PS3 went Kaput...LOL)

But IMO , POP series is really good (especially POPWW)


The games I left after playing 1 or 2 levels :

Crysis : I started to play FPS late, when I tried crysis it was pretty old and also I didnt like the gameplay.Only graphics were good.

NFS HP : I got bored of it easily as the handling and controls are too childish.The cars handled like boats and I skipped.

Farcry : That was also tried late and didnt find interesting.

GRID : I could never handle those cars.

Prototype : Played some levels and found that it was not suited for me.

Mass effect 2 : Not my cup of tea

Half Life 2 : I tried it years ago and that time I wasnt interested in FPS.

POP WW : I never could beat the first lady boss so I put that in waiting list.I think thats still in my PC :razz:

The games I played further and left before completion.

GTS SA : Left at 40% or so.No chance of completing it later.

POP SOT : Played till almost the end got some bug and got locked somewhere.No chance of completing that too

POP 2008 : Played 80% or so.Had to uninstall and lost savegames.Not interested to finish.

NFS Pro Street : 60/70% same as above

Mafia : Played a lot.Had to a take a break then lost interest.

Just Cause 2 : Over 30% then lost interest.

Splinter Cell DA : Over half way but no chance of playing again to finish.

The games that are not yet finished ( I dont know when I am going to play those again as its like I have almost quit gaming) :

Dirt 2 : Almost completed
Dirt 3
Metro 2033
Resident Evil 5


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I am exact opposite of you. I get bored with shooters very easily. Most of my started but never finished games are shooters. And that include some very very big guns. ;)


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Why? Is gamer=shooter? I don't think so. And these days they are mostly either a khichdi of fps/tps, rpg, strategy etc. in the name of innovation or multiplayer. I dislike both.


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My list of unfinished games
IGI1-last mission was too tough
Farcry2-after couple of hours of play i got bored
Full Spectrum Warrior-Installed played for 5 min & thrown that Rs. 400 junk in bin
Metro-struck in library level

For a FPS game to be engaging it has to be versatile in gameplay,locations,timeline,weapons & enemies (e.g call of duty, crysis,medal of honour)also the toughest boss should be in the last level
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