1. darkv0id

    Planetside 2 and Tribes Ascend

    Just wanted to ask if anyone here has played these games. I mainly want to know about the kind of pings you guys are getting.If possible mention details of your internet connection as well. I tend to shy away from multiplayer (especially FPS) since I have wireless broadband (Tata Photon) and...
  2. CommanderShawnzer

    darksiders II vs Batman Arkham City

    i'm planning to buy one of these this weekend so please help me chose the most important question will anyone of them run on my lappie?(specs in siggy) which one is better in terms of Gameplay-both are based on some form of melee combat and platforming in sandbox world Patch size-both games...
  3. Sam22

    Dual Play game??

    Does anyone here knows about the dual play feature coming in the recent crops of smart TV? and What games can be played with this feature?
  4. utkarsh73

    Can co-op games be played just by using Crossover cable??

    Can the games like Splinter Cell or Split second be played between two players by just connecting them with a crossover cable?? If yes, then can anyone please provide a tutorial for how to setup the connection??
  5. A

    Suggest Games for me?

    Hello Everybody ! I need some of you to suggest me some good games. My Computer Specs:- RAM - 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE 512MB AMD Athlon LE-1660 2.8GHz Yeah I know it looks like an ancient system but I have played some awesome games with it! Some games I have played :-...
  6. Zangetsu

    The Walking Dead Series

    The Walking Dead An episodic role-playing adventure game based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book series. Platform: iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Developer: Telltale Games The Walking Dead is a point-and-click adventure game, played from...
  7. pramudit

    [HELP] how to play military based games

    i have been playing PC games for like 10 years now. I have played hack n slash, racing, strategy and shooting games. The problem is that the most shooting games i played had health regeneration or medi-packs but now i am playing ghost recon advanced warfare(graw) and it don't have a bit of...
  8. warfreak

    Driver: San Fransisco

    I never played any of the previous Driver games(Largely due to the bad reviews) but I found SF a pleasant surprise! :-) The initial missions were noobish and handling sucked but gameplay gets better as game progresses. Anybody else played it yet?
  9. akhilc47

    Thanx 2 u...... Got new laptop

    I got my new laptop-dell inspiron se 15r (7520)- today. Thanks to all the geeks who have helped me tremendously in the selection. I placed order on 29th june and got today(14th july). Dells manufacturing steps were a little slow in my humble opinion. Anyway bluedart brought it home pretty...
  10. A

    Suggest me some games

    Hey guys, I bought a new PC recently, you can have a look at my signature to find out the configuration. Point is, I haven't played any game since 2007-08, what games should I buy first ?
  11. G

    Nvida : The way Its meant To be played ??!!

    In some Games I've seen the logo of Nvida saying " The way Its meant to be Played " , I wanna know what does it mean , Does it mean that it can be played on only Nvidia Cards and not on Ati Cards ?? I also have heard that In Desktop Graphics Cards , Nvidia cards are not that well now a days and...
  12. T

    Need Help For making a Gaming pc

    my budget is nearly round 20thousand First here are my few questions- 1.I have a 14 inch lcd monitor.I'm planning to reuse it.It supports 1024x768.Can all the latest games be played on the screen? 2.I have a ATA hdd.. can i reuse it? And yeah no need of optical drive.I've got one...
  13. S

    which FPS game to buy??

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying Battlefield 3 today for Multiplayer gaming. I had played the Beta of the game and really liked it. Now i'm having second thoughts. There are some things i wanna know. 1) How many Maps are there in BF3? (not including the Karkand DLC pack) 2)Which one...
  14. zacfx05

    video playback

    hello guys iam using freemake converter to convert videos into avi or mpeg-4 format to view that using usb in my videoplayer, the problem is whenever i do ths the video is to played till end, that is only 75% of the video only played..... when i checked the file in my computer the video is...
  15. A


    I want to play counter strike and NFS most wanted with my friends using WLAN. Can u tell me how to do it? I have played moto gp 2 on wlan. The same method doesn't work with the above mentioned two games.
  16. utkarsh73

    Video playback Stuttering VLC.

    I downloaded a 720p video from Youbube and when I played it in VLC Player, it stuttered at many places. First I thought that there must be something wrong with the video. So I played another 720p video which used to run smoothly, but then again it stuttered at many places. Again I downloaded a...
  17. Lord073

    Will RE1, RE2 & RE3 run on Windows 7???

    Hey guys, I want to play all the Resident Evil games (main series) before RE6 comes out. As I've already played RE4 & RE5, so my question is that will the first three RE games run on my PC?
  18. V


    Wanted to post this as not many ppl seem to have played this awesome game.. Its free and packs more content than many other paid games I have played. Its a platformer where the levels are generated randomly, meaning you can play the game a 100 times over and still have a completely new...
  19. N


    Guys, Check this Game :) looks fantastic to me, anyone played this one ? VZAuKkv4eZE
  20. ajayritik

    Best Strategy games in the line of Age of Empire series

    Guys firstly sorry for starting this thread. I did do a search to see if there are any similar threads but I don't see anything which was created recently. Can you kindly advise me on a good strategy game in the lines of Age of Empire. I have played AOE II, AOEIII and Age of Mythology. Are...
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