1. T

    GPS chip..

    hey people, i just thought is there any way by which i can manually put a gps chip in my nokia 5233? or is there a place i can get it inserted? anybody has any ideas?
  2. avichandana20000


    can any one help me in getting a convent educated lady who can teach my 4 yr daughter spoken english? The teacher needs to work hard as she is very much influenced by her native language bengali. Both me and my wife are busy throughout the day. place kolkata.
  3. S

    [Query] Needed Reliable Vendor TO get the PC Assembled in Nehru Place New Delhi

    Hi All, Kindly Let me know any vendor Details to Get System Assembled in Nehru Place New Delhi with reliable after sale service. I also want to dispose of my Old CPU as well any Pointer on the same will also be quite helpful
  4. G

    Place to buy new rig in nehru place

    my budget is rs40000 and im about to buy a new rig in 3 weeks i was thinking of this configuration fx 6100 msi 560ti Asus M5A88-M or gigabyte 880gm 500w smps 4gb corsair ram...
  5. R

    Corsair Carbide Series 400R---Vs.---NZXT Guardian 921 RB 921RB-001-BL

    I need your quick help. I have decided any one of these two. About to place order. Which one is better?
  6. P

    Need cabinate lighting stuff

    hello everyone i need help i want some ""lighting stuff"" for my Cabinet.. tell me the best place to buy related stuff. please reply.. I am unable to find place in
  7. T

    X4 960T Black Edition

    I'm planning to buy a 960T Black Edition, what is the best price I can get it for from Nehru Place? Thanks :)
  8. Sujeet

    A Walk (For PSU ) to remember!!

    Arguably It Might Not Hold A Deserving Place In This Section : I am simply giving brief discription of my funny(surprisng and Eye Opening) visit to Nehru Place ,New Delhi ..Known For its Gigantic Hardware market for getting A new PSU after my old intex..duh!!PSU got...
  9. mohityadavx

    Over Ear - Earphones for 2000

    Earbud - Earphones for 2000 Well I think title says it all. I want good earbud ( Please don't suggest headphones or IEM). Don't listen to music much mainly would be used for watching movies on laptop and mobile phone. My budget is 2000 lower the better. Please also give the place from...
  10. Skyh3ck

    Gaming Events Here :)

    Hi I m creating this thread to share, discuss etc about upcoming gaming events in your city. I know most of the gaming events is for marketing purpose, but for us it is still good place to play games and have a get together. Here is the template. Event Name: XYZ Gaming Expo 2012 City...
  11. A

    A few questions on settings.. (Nikon D3100)

    >AFS C or S ? what and why ? >Whats metering ? >How to focus on a subject then move the cam so place the subjet on the side without loosing the focus ? >Pic saving quality Normal, smooth or what ? and why ?
  12. V

    Plannig to buy a new pc.

    I am new to this place. But need help to guide me on deciding a New Desktop Confirguration. Planning to upgrade my desktop to Core i5. Dont have much of hardware knowledge and plan to try Nehru Place to get a new configuration assembled there. Could you please guide on the trusted...
  13. H

    Comparison Buying PS3 game on disk than on PSN

    Hi guys, i don't know whether it's right place to ask. if its not, mods please tranfer it to right place. with that said, i want have your views on above topic. what i think, buying on PSN will give me freedom from changing disk for each game whereas in case of disk i can resell it.
  14. ajayritik

    Old Transcend TSONIC MP3 Player not working

    I have an old 2 GB Transcend T-SONIC MP3 Player which has stopped working all of a sudden. What are the basic troubleshooting things I can try? Do we have any service center or any place where I can get this checked. Also some of the screws came off so I sticked it up with tape and was...
  15. lethalweaponforever

    Buying a GPU in hyderabad

    Does anyone here know where I can (reliably) buy a GPU in hyderabad/secunderabad. I've just moved here from Chennai and am looking for some 'Ritchie Street' style place here to buy a MSi 6790.. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. S

    where to buy galaxy s

    since its out of stock almost, is there any place from where it can be bought?
  17. GhorMaanas

    Sale at primeabgb

    Hi, dont know if this is the appropriate section to post this. just wanted to inform all, esp mumbaikars, that a sale of second-hand stuff is currently going on at primeabgb at lamington road. if someone has already visited the place, please advise us if there's anything worthwhile to be...
  18. M

    a good laptop with maximum battery life?

    hai dear friends i would like to buy anew laptop for me but i am so confused so please iif u can plz help me Budget = less than 60000 lower the better Size= doesn't matter but weight should not exceed 3 kg Which country= I will prefer from india but can import from any place in world...
  19. maverick786us

    Cooler Master 690

    Does suppliers in Nehru Place provide individual parts of Cooler Master case? I want to replace my CM 690 case's door with the glass door. So do suppliers in Nehru Place provide doors individually?
  20. B

    Which Hotel is good in Nehru Place ?

    Next month i am going to Nehru Place, New Delhi. Can anyone please suggest me the hotel name for 2 Adults, 3 days 2 night. My budget is around 1000-1500 only. Not Luxary but TV is required.
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