1. S

    Is there any India-based forum for programmers out there?

    The first time I found about TDF and TE, it was like a godsend. They became my go-to places for learning about hardware-related stuff and India-specific hardware news. It suddenly felt weird that I was using the Internet for quite some time, but only found out about these forums in like 2009...
  2. RCuber

    The Fight Thread

    This is a place to fight, no name calling. please spare other thread so that they wont get locked
  3. A

    How is life in greater noida for students?

    i am about to start my mba in greater noida. i would like to know about this place.
  4. O

    need help for image editing software

    Uploaded with i want to be able to create such kinds of pictures down the line1 so please suggest me the softwares and place where i can find tutorials from scratch to lead me to this kind of image creation~
  5. K

    [Want to Buy] Xbox 360 wired controller for pc

    hey guys pls tell me from where i can get this controller at Nehru Place or any other market in Delhi. Thanks:-D:-D
  6. Ironman

    Need a little help downloading

    I cannot download these two files from my connection ........ dont know why i need them for my college study can any one just download them and upload them somewhere else ? like google drive/ mediafire /rapidshare VTC.Unix_Shell_Fundamentals_Tutorials RAR - Free Download -...
  7. N

    Urgent help required regarding motherboard selection.

    Hi all, I have a AMD based desktop, but the problem now is my Gigabyte (GA-MA78GPM-DS2H) motherboard is not working. I already gone to Gigabyte Delhi (Nehru place) service center for repair the same but they refuse to take it. They said we only handle warranty product only. What a worst...
  8. harshilsharma63

    Need project ideas

    Some unique project Hi, I'm currently pursuing bachelors in CS, in 4th semester. I have to create a project in C++. Now, the problem is that I cannot think of something useful, something people could use after it's completion. So, can someone suggest some stuff / application for the purpose...
  9. D

    Used server PSU?

    Hi guys, I need used server PSU Dell NPS 700 AB Dell 6650 HP esp 120 3KW HP DPS 600pb esp 135 series. Is there any reliable shop in Nehru place or any other market where i can get them.? Regards Doctor
  10. amjath

    Finallllllllly Facebook Hacked

    Finallllllllly Facebook Hacked but dont worry no user data is stolen Facebook hacked, but has found 'no evidence' that user data was compromised | The Verge
  11. Tenida

    Discussion about mobile processor/SoC

    I have seen so many mobile processor from different vendors not like the case with desktop processor. In desktop only two popular name are there like Intel or Amd although VIA,Motorola are there but not that popular. So, created this thread so that we can discuss about various types SoC in one...
  12. B

    Order Fresh Food On Your Train Travel Online

    Those who frequently travel in long-distance passenger trains can talk at length about the in-train pantry services. If you've wished that the convenience (or luxury) of home delivery could be somehow brought to trains, that’s just seemed to have happened. offers a...
  13. K

    Laptop buying query

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) : Rs 70000 +- 5000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? None. Everything will work. 4) What are...
  14. ithehappy

    Is donating to Unicef legitimate?

    Recently this popup/ad keeps coming up on the screen and I am sure you guys have seen it already. I was wondering if it's legitimate or not? I mean will the amount go at appropriate place or just another crap and stealing method for different needs? You know what I mean...
  15. Flash

    Punjab - Another Gang rape

    What's happening in India? This incident is yet another example to show, people din't really fear about Law & Order and care about the recent Delhi-incident.
  16. A

    Shall i buy an imported laptop from nehru place

    Some shops in nehru place sell imported laptops... These laptops are considerably cheaper than their indian counterparts.... These laptops have good configurations at low price... I am thinking about buying a laptop around 45K... Shall I buy an imported one?? Are these laptops reliable?? And...
  17. Jay1234

    where to buy ???? please all delhi people hel p ???

    today i went to nehru place ,,,, after alot of serching i got 33000 as least price of lenovo g 580 i5 3rd gen one ,,,, and then i visited lenovo exclusive which is there only there price was 34900 i am not getting the reason of 2000 rupee difference ,,, ??? where to buy guyss ??? thanxxxx...
  18. mohityadavx

    Dealmaker Shops at Nehru place

    Hey I am gonna buy an external HDD 1 TB and since I am interning at a place very close to Nehru Place I am thinking of buying it from there but the problem is my internship end around 7:00 PM so I reach home by 9PM therefore I do not have much time to search for a good in Nehru Place. So it...
  19. R

    Place to buy pc peripherals in Bangalore

    which is the best place to buy PC components in Bangalore?? Anything closer to whitefield will be better. Highly appreciate the shop details.
  20. X

    Living without XDA...

    So I had a tiff with a Mod at XDA. The Nexus4 was a burning hot topic there and I had various questions about it. As I made a few threads on various aspects about the device, I get a PM from a Mod. "This is your last warning. Stop making threads on XDA." I asked him to tone down the attitude...
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