1. M

    Please Help Me

    in the morning...somebody gave me some file to install in the system...(something called GMAIL PHRACKSTER)...after installing it... everything from my desktop vanished along with quick launch icons. however, the hard disk shows that every data is in its place but when i try to search it, i don't...
  2. M

    Request suggestion for a 22" monitor

    Request inputs for 22" monitor. I am in Delhi. -By the way I was very impressed by DELL SP2208 but unfortunately it is no longer available from DELL. Not sure if I get it in Nehru Place. 2ms with 2000:1 + 3 yr replacement warranty seemed to be good. :( Does anybody knows if its available in...
  3. Krazy Bluez

    Share your Bookmarks !

    Hey guys ! This idea came up to me, this is so as the bookmarks is the place where you store all your frequent visited sites in one place and for future reference. This may seems like Stumble Upon but its different altogether. Hope to see many more to come...:D
  4. A

    Making a Special section in each sub forums

    Guys,I am new to thinkdigit and as a new comer i have some ideas i think will make the forum a little more pleasureful experience to have. It would be very nice and very good if a sub-section in each category like "Hand picked articles" or "best articles" or "Premium Articles" be implemented in...
  5. K

    I want tracking sw

    Hi to all my friends, I am using nokia 5320 xm & I want free tracker sw which gives me info about caller such as their place from which they called thanks K
  6. speedyguy

    Xbox 360 game transfer

    I have [unmodded] xbox 360 wit live connnection....m trying to download wwe smackdown vs raw demo for free....but ts not available in xbox market place...can i download on pc n transfer it 2 my xbox hdd(15gb)? if yes how? ps: n whr can i find game downloads for xbox.... Enjoy~!
  7. sidewinder

    [Kolkata Only] Techcom internal TV tuner card !

    Model Techcom SSD 670 internal TV tuner card. Works with xp and vista. Link : PCI interface, Plug and Play Support AV/S-Video input, capable of watching video of TV/Video...
  8. A

    good shop in delhi

    Hi All, I heard a lot about Nehru place but when I searched there for Altec lansing speakers, most of the vendors were having only low-end systems. So can anybody tell me where I can find altec lansing hi-end audio systems in delhi? Some vendors at nehru place have not heard about FX-4021...
  9. iinfi

    which is the best place to learn for RHCE??

    some of you folks mite v done linux certification here. plz tell which is the best place in mumbai for training towards RHCE. i knw it requires practice n self effort. but for initial training which is the best place? i v seen aptech advertise the course but its not to be found in Red Hat...
  10. W

    Nehru Place Prices LATEST

    Hi guys, I had gone to do a tft lcd survey and this is what i found at Nehru Place All MONITORS are 19'' SAMSUNG 1. Syncmaster 920NW 8490 2. Syncmaster 943NWX 8740 BENQ 1. Multimedia 7990 2. One with DVI port 8290...
  11. amitabhishek

    Nokia N800. Where do I get it?

    I have some cash to spare and I was fancying this gadget! Can anyone please tell me if it is available in Bombay? If yes, expected price and place.
  12. D

    Please review mywebsite

    and suggest modifictaion apologies if I am asking in wrong thread. Will delete this post if it is @ wrong place
  13. H

    Laptop issue.

    I am planning to buy Dell Inspiron 1525 ,having Intel 965GM Chipset.It has Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 .Can I get a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT installed in it. Will I get that installed in place of X3100 from the vendors.?? I think it will give better performance than...
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