Comparison Buying PS3 game on disk than on PSN


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Hi guys,
i don't know whether it's right place to ask. if its not, mods please tranfer it to right place.

with that said, i want have your views on above topic.
what i think, buying on PSN will give me freedom from changing disk for each game whereas in case of disk i can resell it.


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The range of titles available for download via PSN would be limited. Also, it would be limited to your PSN account, in terms of download. You can take the disc to any of your friends place and enjoy it by just popping it in. Exclusive titles would very rarely make it, since most of them are huge in size.


Games bought through PSN can be shared between one other PS3.

Before it was 5 which mmeans 5 people bought the game together effectively paying some 500 for new releases and 200 for old each.

Now it's just 2.
Look for PSN games if there is a nice deal going on. Like the current assassins creed for 500/-
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