1. Y

    Anyone from Pune?

    Hi everyone....I'll be relocating to Pune in a few months and I'm new to the city. I'd like to know the following - 1. Which providers offer the best 3G experience in Pune? And GPRS? I'll mostly be using my phone for internet access. 2. My place of work is in Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar...
  2. N

    Cooler Master 311 query about HDD clips

    Hi, I just got a CM 311 and I didn't receive the clip that keeps the HDDs mounted in place. However, now that I am checking the manual, it says the "tool-free kit" is only available with 311 Plus. So the regular 311 version requires screwing of the HDDs? The problem is that I got it assembled...
  3. S

    NEED HELP EXTREME URGENT. LAPTOP i3 4GB RAM(will upgrade) lenovo or ASUS

    This is a very nice forum and i liked your posts. I am going to buy ASUS or lenovo laptop from nehru place probably tommorow. I saw lenovo G570/580 and S300 . Which is good Also what about ASUS k53SD and X54C. s300 LOOKS A BEAUTY BUT CLOCK SPEED IS 1.4 PLZ GIVE YOUR FEEDBACHK ON IT Do...
  4. V

    Good Shop in Nehru Place,Delhi or Disctrict Center,Janak Palace??

    Hi , can anyone recommend a shop in nehru place or anywhere near paschim Vihar/Punjabi Bagh/West Delhi with comparable prices to nehru place for - 1. buying and assemble a new pc ?? 2. sell my old laptop ? also can anyone suggest much i can get for it, Here are the spec , except screen is 17...
  5. manistar

    Best 40-46inch LED SMART TV

    Hi I am looking to buy TV size:40-46 inch type: Slim LED/wall mountable/narrow bezel will be added advantage should be smart tv I don't need 3D tv right now. Also can you suggest good place to buy TV in chennai (Better price)
  6. sanny16

    suggestion on purchasing a bluetooth wireless headphones

    Can anyone suggest me a wireless bluetooth headphone which can play music, answer calls of mobile? It should also be able to connect to laptop, tablet etc. Kindly mention the product name and its current price and place of purchase/shop(online or offline) if possible. And start from low to...
  7. K

    Laptop for gaming and general usage

    Hi, I am a college student, looking to buy a VFM laptop for 20-25k. I will be using it for internet, movies, MS Office and counter-strike 1.6. Please suggest. Here is the questionnaire: 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 20,000 - 25,000 INR 2) What size & weight consideration...
  8. A

    Where can i get Asus U32U ?

    I am going to buy the Asus U32U this weekend. Flipkart does not have it in stock. Homeshop18 is the only place where i have found it. Its also available in Nehru Place (Delhi) but none of these are giving me a good deal. Flipkart - 28000 (Out of Stock) Homeshop18 - 28000 (26000 if i pay...
  9. sam9953

    About to buy something for the first time from Nehru Place, need suggestions.

    Hi guys, I am going to a new laptop probably from Nehru Place, this friday. I have always done all my computer hardware related shopping from usually Wazirpur computer market or somewhere else but this time I am going to Nehru Place. I want to know which are the best shops in Nehru Place for...
  10. axes2t2

    Nicest place on the internet

    Nicest place on the internet. SFW
  11. R

    Samsung galaxy s2 min price at delhi ncr

    Guys any idea about minimum rate for samsung galazy s2? It is varying from 25 to 27500 everywhere. can i have it IN LESS DEN 25500 INR? Tell me d cheapest nd safe place to buy it..
  12. A

    Does Punisher really deserve a better game?

    Hi guyz, i am a really big fan of The Punisher, and i was wondering why dont they make some good games on his stories, there's been only one, and that too sucked dicks all over the place, wat do u say?
  13. P

    CD/DVD content of year 2000

    Hello friends... Since I did not find any other proper place to post this POST, so am potin it here,, sorry , if I am posting it in a wrong place. I would be grateful, if anyone could give me an archive of yr 2000 and yr 2001. Please write them down, or just post a screenshot/camera photo...
  14. R

    mobile under 15k-17k

    i can extend the budget if there is some very good buy. should be touchscreen i'll use it for ; calls, messaging , internet(facebook,youtube) , watching movies,music... also whats the best place to buy; im currently in delhi for 2 more days, live in hyderabad( 1 more month) and then will move to...
  15. B

    Nehru Place OR Lamington Road

    I have recently started selling computer hardware but i want to know where should i buy the computer accessories like CPU, motherboard etc... from Nehru place or lamington road... which one is good for wholesale price ?
  16. aditya_dahunk

    Best place to sell Graphics card(AMD 6850)

    Hi guys i need help from you fantastic ppl.... I bought this card last year but now i need to sell it off and get a new card. advise where to sell in nehru place???
  17. power_8383


    Hello guys, I am from Maharashtra. I want to join some IT institutes in Ameerpet. I want a single room(no sharing)with attached bathroom for 3 months near Ameerpet. Other area's suggestions are also welcome but they should be in 5 km radius from ameerpet. I have searched literally every...
  18. S

    advice for monitor

    guys i wanna know whether aoc is a good brand for monitors or not because i saw a 23" 3d led aoc monitor priced at just 12500 in nehru place, delhi...
  19. CarlonSamuels

    Gaming parlors in bangalore

    Hey everybody as the topic clearly says this is about gaming parlors in Bangalore.I know very few The Living Room-Amazing ambiance,latest titles but 200/hr per person. Zapak Gameplex- Again amazing place but was shut down for some reason It would be great if you could suggest more gaming...
  20. Blue Ripazah

    suggest mobo for intel i3 2100

    hi suggest me a mobo for intel i3 2100 max budget is 5000 INR are h77 mobos available will buy from nehru place this weekend please suggest some good shops to buy from nehru place
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