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  1. S

    Cannot launch movie or .exe files from my pen drive!!

    hi there and best wishes to all u guys who r going to help me out!! i have two questions. i recently purchased a kingston 32 gb pen drive.... 1. is it possible to directly download bit torrent/ limewire files onto pen drive instead of wasting valuable hard disk space? i tried doing so, and...
  2. S

    How to make xp /vista bootable pendrive.

    Hi all these days i am finding many labtop without cd rom .(ex new acer mini labtop ).So i want to load OS via pen drive , so any idea how do i make a bootable xp or vista pen drive , it is important for me to make a bootable pen drive , please give the instruction step by step .Donot write...
  3. R

    write protect error on pen drive

    i recently borrowed a 8gb Transcend pen drive from a friend it was working fine ... then suddenly it says this drive is write protected ... remove write protection or replace disk ... i tried format utility n repair disk .. both say flash drive not found .... HELP!!
  4. lethalweaponforever

    Game Boy Advance

    Just discovered a 2 yr old GBA SP Platinum with me...can nyone suggest some good games for it....How much will a flash cartridge cost for GBA( that is something like a pen drive for a GBA) Anything i can do to tweak its performance or something???
  5. channabasanna

    Strange Problem

    Hi All, Few days(last Saturday) back i reinstalled Windows XP, all was running fine, but yesterday i noticed this happening. This is happening only from yesterday, few days back i scanned my cousin's pen drive which he had used in his college for his project work. There were few viruses, which...
  6. rahulmig

    FS : Corsair 4 GB Voyager Pen Drive for Rs 615 /-

    Corsair 4 GB Voyager Pen Drive for Rs 615 /- Shipping Charges : Rs 30 /- In Mumbai Out Side Mumbai/ All over India : Rs 75 /- Interested ppl can PM ME
  7. hariharakumar

    Clean your infected memory sticks, ipods.. easily

    Guys if you have infected pen drives,memory sticks,ipods... boot into Ubuntu(Linux based OS) connect your infected pen drive and remove unwanted files like FOLDER.EXE, AUTORUN.INI, DRIVE.EXE,...... easily. If the permission is denied to delete such file, you can easily change the file...
  8. nix

    know of a non-smudge/non-blot pen?

    i was looking for a pen that does not smudge or blot. that is, a pen that does not suddenly throw out too much ink (this leads to small drops of ink on the paper). there are so many brands of pen available today. i am not looking for a parker here. nothing too flashy or expensive.
  9. C

    virus that hides folders

    i have this strange virus on my pen drive that makes an exe file of every folder and then the folder becomes invisible even though it still exists. i.e. if i enter the correct path,say f:\folder1 in the address bar,that folder1 opens for viewing but in f:\ i can't see that folder...
  10. static_x

    Cheap Pen Drives

    Hi, Yesterday i went to the local grey market and was surprised to see the Kingston pen drives being sold for nothing at all..The rates were: 8 GB - Rs. 500 16 GB - Rs.800 32 GB - Rs. 1000 20 GB - Rs. 900 I suspect the proper working of the drives but they were available in original Kingston...
  11. VarDOS

    Pen Drive Not Working??

    I am not able to access the pen drive. The OS recognizes the pen drive but when i click on the removable disk I get a popup message "Please insert a disk to the drive(by specifying the drive letter)". I guess this is the problem with the Pen drive I am using because I get the same message if I...
  12. hariharakumar

    USB firewall for pen drive

    When i copy files to my pen drive virus also gets copied into it. So i want to know whether there is any application program that acts as a Firewall for pen drive that restricts or notifies the user of any virus programs that tries to enter into pen drive?
  13. webgenius

    240GB pen drive????

    Hi All, Check out this link: http://cgi.ebay.in/240-GB-pen-drive-carry-ur-movie-with-u-more-than-200_W0QQitemZ220284680326QQihZ012QQcategoryZ162273QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem A 240GB pen drive!!!! Is this a hoax?
  14. D

    Related To Ram

    Hello Can We Use Pen Drive As An External Ram.if Yes Then How?
  15. P

    usb problem

    hello everyone..i hav a pc with 6 usb ports...4 at back and 2 at front.the problem is that wenever i plig a pen druve in any of these ports my system hangs.however my pen drive works properly on other systems..wats the reason 4 this..? plz help....i hav to restart pc everytime to access my flash...
  16. G

    Problem with Pen Drive

    Dear Sir, I have a problem with a pen drive. How do format my pen drive (2 GB) ? I have tried to format the pen drive, but failed, because its file system is Raw. It is showing a notice "Windows was unable to complete the format". Please tell me a process to format my pen drive. Now I want to...
  17. M

    Pen Drive Problem - Plzzz help

    Hi Friends, Whenever i plug my pen drive into USB port, It gets detected and it is shown in My computer......but its shows its properties as follows - Free Space - 0 Bytes Used Space - 0 Bytes Whenever i try to formet it, it gives back me error messege - " There is No disk, Insert...
  18. K

    Problem With Pen Drive

    Hi I bought a new kingston chinese pen drive and transfered some important data in it but now it is showing the size of the data right but not showing the data. Folder are showing blank please help me to recover the data ASAP. Regards Kappy
  19. legolas_26_k

    My Bamboo Fun Tablet is not working...thanx to Power Surge Error

    hello people, i recently upgraded my pc around 5 days back....whenever i connect my Transcend 8gb pen drive or Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet...my windows gives me a error "Power surge on hub port: a usb device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port" :confused:....after that my tablet and usb...
  20. channabasanna

    Virus or not virus

    Hi All, I have Norton Internet Security 2007 (live update is done regularly) installed at home in my PC, when i put my pen drive (Sandisk with U3 smart software) and sacn, it shows no threats or virus. The same pen drive when i scan in my office PC which has McAfee, it shows virus is found. So...
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