1. quicky008

    Very slow transfer speeds while using pci based USB expansion card

    I had an old 4 port pci Usb expansion card lying around that i recently installed on one of my computers in order to supplement the quantity of available usb ports in it.The box in which the card was contained states that it supports USB 2.0.Despite being rather old,the card was detected in...
  2. V

    OTG pen drive for android

    Need a OTG pen drive. Mob: Lenovo ZUK Z1 Capacity: 32 or preferably 64 GB Do i need to buy a cable with the drive? Am confused with the specs of OTG drives online. Moreover, my phone does not have any manual listing port types etc. 64 GB drive on Amazon for 1189Rs : SanDisk Ultra Dual USB...
  3. bajaj151

    Help: Hotspot to DDWRT

    I was using BSNL broadband & downloading the files in Pen drive connected to Asus RTn13u (DD WRT) but now I bought myself lyf handset. How to configure router so that I am able to download in pen drive through lyf handset hotspot.
  4. baiju

    [Query] Kingston Pen Drive RMA Cochin

    Does anybody here know the service center of Kingston in Cochin? The phone number of Accel Frontline given in the Kingston website is not functioning. Even the customer care number of Kingston is not working. Thanks.
  5. V

    New SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 16GB Pen Drive Having problems

    hi i just bought SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 16GB Pen Drive from Amazon the write speed it just **** on usb 3 getting just 8-11mb but on usb 2 getting 18mb & the pendrive is getting hot as soon as it connected .Wat is the problem should i replace it & can we replace pendrive on Amazon ? On...
  6. rohitshakti2

    WIndoes can't detect any pen drive

    I have recently installed Win 10 by formatting the PC. Now when I am trying to connect a pen drive, it is not able to detect it. I think the software is corrupt or deleted. As that PC does not have a internet connection, I am unable to download usb drivers, so can anybody tell which usb...
  7. K

    Backup or not

    Hi Guys, When we insert the pen drive into the laptop, there comes a dialog box on the desktop showing more options to choose. Out of options, the one is “USE THIS DEVICE FOR BACKUP” (using Windows Backup). How to check up whether I have enabled this option or not for the backup of...
  8. patkim

    Pl. suggest USB 3 pen drive

    Interested to buy a USB 3 Pen Drive 16 GB. Pl. suggest. While plenty are available online around RS 500, (Some claim this price after 20 - 30% discount!)any idea from folks having experience of buying at LAmington road Mumbai, if it is around the same price there as well?
  9. rohitshakti2

    Cannot copy a file on pen drive

    Hi I had downloaded a game via torrent and have kept it on my pc. When I tried to copy it to the pen drive it shows that the software is big as compared to the pen drive. The software is a packed game in DVD format of 4 gb and space available on pen drive is 7 gb Free. Pls tell why is this...
  10. rohitshakti2

    Pen drive showing less space

    I am using 2 GB pen drive and now when I connected it to my pc it is showing only 49 mb and rest of the space as unallocated when I saw it in managing the hdd as below. Pls tell how to get the rest of space back.
  11. patkim

    Pen drive hangs explorer

    I have a 16 gb pen drive that off lately many a times cause Windows explorer hang for a long time mostly after it's connected or sometimes suddenly while accessing files at random. Explorer eventually recovers from Hang state after about 3 - 4 minutes. Worst case I have to disconnect it hard way...
  12. C

    Need pen & tablet ~10000

    Need Pen & tablet ~10k. Purpose Digital Painting & texturing of 3d moddels Application Used Photoshop Foundry Mari Mudbox
  13. skeletor

    Pen Suggestion - Pilot V5 alternative

    I'm a Pilot V5 pen user. For those who don't know, this is Pilot v5 - Pilot V5 (Pack of 2) - The pen is expensive, costs Rs. 50 in pack of 3. Rs. 70 stand alone. But the ink is Rs. 10 and can refill upto 4 pens. Now the problem which I face these days is, the quality of their inks...
  14. B

    ubuntu installation troubles

    my hp probook 445 is currently running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. i want to install ubuntu 14.04 LTS by completely removing windows 7. i dont have a CD drive in my laptop but i want to install it from a usb flash drive from the Digit June 14 DVD. the installation guide suggested using Boot and...
  15. Shah

    Puppy Linux not showing HDD

    I used UnetBootin to burn Puppy Linux's ISO to my pen drive and tried booting it. It booted up well. But, It isn't showing my HDD partitions. Only the USB pen drive from which I booted is visible. I even tried fdisk -l command. HDD wasn't listed in that result too. Any help?
  16. stellar

    Best Free USB Tool

    I am looking for free USB tool which helps in unauthorized use of Pen Drive. I am using USB Secure but it didn't help.I use it it another PC but instead of asking the password pen drive got opened.
  17. mikael_schiffer

    Anti-virus for college office without internet connection

    Our department in the university is forever plagued with virus, so much that even we students are afraid to take notes,data,files etc from the department computers. They often do a cleanup but some one from outside will come and infect the entire computer systems again. So the main M.R guy...
  18. bajaj151

    Tried everything I know...Still can't able to FORMAT pen drive

    I am using Sandisk 32GB Cruzer Blade. Can't able to format pen drive, getting write protected error (There is no switch of write protection on pen drive) 1) Kaspersky detecting Trojan but can't able to delete it. 2) Malware bytes not detecting any threat. 3) Changing driver letter method...
  19. Inceptionist

    Wacom Bamboo One - Pen buttons are not working

    Pen of Bamboo One tablet in question is working when moving the cursor around. But as soon as I click a button, right click menu gets displayed. No matter which button I'm pressing, it shows only the right click menu. It has been working fine for almost 8 months, this is the first time I'm...
  20. K

    How to format Pen Drive?

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows 7 ultimate. When I was working with my pen drive,it automatically said that your pen drive needed formatting. When I tried to do so, it again said that it was copy writed. I do not know how to solve the problem.
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