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  1. shaunak

    Planning to buy a Pen Tablet.

    I'm planning to buy a Pen Tablet from Wacom. I need some advice choosing one. What's exactly the difference between Intuos and Bamboo Fun. Which one would you recommend for photo retouching? And what are their prices? My soft budget is around 6K but I may extend it in lieu of a processor...
  2. G

    Pen Drive Virus Solution

    Hello Friends, I knew that the all people really distrubed with PEN DRIVE virus which easily transfer in the pen drive/system. How to stop and delete before making changes in the system . I can read many problems about that. SOLUTION Here the solution of all the query is AUTORUN EATER...
  3. H

    Help Buying Pen Drives...

    I want to a buy a two pen drives of two different capacities. One 16GB and one 8GB. Could you please suggest me with some brands and models that I should go for. I have heard that OCZ and Corsair are good. I don't have much idea about pen drives coz I hardly use them!!! Please Suggest.... :)
  4. N

    Pen Drive....PORTABLE VIRUS....

    i have a laptop n desktop at home and my laptop is full of viruses :mad:...i have many movies etc on my lappie vich i want to move to my pc thru pendrive only.But each time i put my pen drive in my lappie it gets infected. is there any software vich givs protection against viruses to ur pen...
  5. M


    Hi everyone when i checked my pen drive attrib in the command prompt i have two files which i dont know about my friend told me that they are virus, i have a transcend 4 GB pen drive, the files are "jrbk.cmd and autorun.inf" please help know if they are are virus. if yes, how do i clean...
  6. G

    Pen Drive Problem ??

    Hi Friends, Whenever i plug my pen drive into USB port, It gets detected and it is shown in My computer......but its shows its properties as follows - Free Space - 0 Bytes Used Space - 0 Bytes Whenever i try to right click on the pen drive then nothing happened . but when plug the same pen...
  7. H

    recycler folder

    sir, I have 80GB harddisk with 4 partitions.RECYCLER folder in appear in each partition. If i delete it from those partitions it is automatically created. It also automatically copied into my pen drive. If i use my pen drive on another system it creates troubles to open files and all. please...
  8. A

    pen drive problem

    hi. i have a transcend 8gb pen dive. i have used it on my laptop 5-10 times. it was lastly not removed safely. now when i am trying to run it the drive does appear in "My Computer" but when i try to open it a message saying "Please insert drive D" appears. i am not being able to format it and...
  9. E

    Usb immuniser , very handy software but

    I recently found a software called usb immuniser ...actually i am not very sure abt the name i ve seen ...i just saw the flash screen as usb immuniser , i badly need that software for my pc too ..cos i got no clus abt that software and i did a brief google search . I found this software on my...
  10. V

    How to get the log files created when a usb pen drive is plugged into the computer

    whenever we plugin a usb device say pen drive, a log file is created and stored in the system . i want to know how can i get that log file.where does it resides in the computer ?
  11. S

    Very bad virus

    My pendrive got infected with a virus named dsncb.exe and sscchost.exe or something like that. That virus got into my computer when I inserted the pen drive. & now the virus has wrecked havoc in my computer!! My computer has been brought to its knees! Task Manager, Registry Editing, Folder...
  12. V

    Transcend Pen drive msg "This device is write proteted"

    My 4 GB Transcend Pen drive get's detected but does not allow read writing operation and when trying to format gives message "This volume is write protected"
  13. A

    pen drive problem

    i am using transcend 1 gb pen drive on windows xp. till yesterday it was working fine. but today when i double click on the removeable drive g:, i get an error message : Please Insert a disk into drive G:' can anybody give solution to solve this problem. I also tried to format the pen drive...
  14. J

    pen drive problem

    yesterday , I bought a pen drive of 32GB (Kingston) i getting problem in that when i m copying something on pen drive, file are getting corrupted pls help me regarding this problem
  15. B

    partition on pen drive

    hi , friends i have 32 GB pendrive , i want to create partions on it , how can do the same? pl . help me :( Thank you
  16. sushan

    Pen drive Ejection Error

    Dear frens, I have a problem with a pen drive which says " Ejection error" and i had to plug out necessary solutions is appreciated. thanks
  17. pr.itdude

    how to make pen drive bootable..??

    hi... i have a transcend and kingston pen drive. and i have a bootable dvd of ubuntu. Now i want to know that how can i make my pen drive bootable so that i can use ubuntu,as i dont want to install it. Also i dont have any software/cd for my pen drive. Help me plz.:):confused:
  18. Davidboon

    Pen drive malfunctioning

    I have a Transcend 8 GB JF V60 pen drive , nowdays when i try to send files more than 3 GB its says there is no space in the pendrive , whereas after formatting the pendrive it shows it has 7.60 GB of free space... Can anybody figure out what the problem is ??
  19. R

    Write protection on pen drive??

    Hey guys, I have a transcend 2 GB pen drive but recently has become write protected. I am unable to copy anything to the drive and i can't even delete files. Please help me because the drive doesn't have any write protection switch. please tell the way to remove write protection.
  20. charanjeev

    Bootable Pen Drive

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