1. chanchalchatt

    How to install xp with pen drive?

    I want to know, How to install xp with pen drive? Is any software requared please mention it. :pAdvanced thanks:mad:
  2. P

    pen drive-help needed

    I seem to have developed some problem in my computer. It reads pen drives when connected to the USB port, but cannot autoplay, open or explore them. I can send files to it, but cannot see them. If I need to access a file, i have to 'search' for it, and then open it from the search results. But...
  3. N

    VFM Pen drive?

    Please tell me the size, brand and price of pen drive that we currently pick as a steal? Thanks in advance
  4. pushkar

    Update NOD32 offline

    First of all you need a PC with fully updated genuine licensed NOD32. In that PC, go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ESET. Copy the folder updfiles to a pen drive or CD or whatever. On the target machine (whose genuine NOD32 is to be updated), go to the same path and...
  5. saurabh.sauron

    Infected Pen Drive

    My USB Pen Drive has been infected badly. I am unable to see any folders but can access them. I checked on the internet and found that it was the kinza virus which has infected my pen drive. my computer is safe but how can i get back my folders? pls help thnx UPDATE: I guess I solved my...
  6. DizitalNovice

    Deny access to files in Win XP

    I have two queries: 1: How can I deny access to certain files or folders in windows xp. I want some VB code or method which can prevent deletion and/or reading of certain items. Ideally, the file can be anywhere, even on a pen drive, and if I double click on it or press del, it says access...
  7. M

    lock pen drive

    i hv a 4gb kingston pendrive.. i want some piece of sftwre tht i can install in my pen drive which will protect my pen drive...protect as in...tht it should ask for a passwrd whenever it is inserted in any computer..!! regards manan
  8. S

    my 1gb transcend pen drive does not work properly

    When i try to copy some files to my pen drive from my home computer, it shows an error. "use the chkdsk utility" but the files shows in the drive. and when i want to delete the file it shows another error.." the directory is not empty" if it is directory. for filr it deletes that file but when i...
  9. K

    My Pen Drive

    hello, Today my friend gifted me a Kingston 32 GB Pen Drive which he bought from Delhi it costs around 700 bugs. there is a problem that No anti-virus & any other applications will someone help me out how can I use that drive withoput any problem? any anti-virus software...
  10. topgear

    How to Use Pen Drive or Usb Flash Drive drive with NTFS

    By default windows format pen drive with fat file system which has it's own limitation. One big issue with fat file system is that you cannot store a file larger than 4GB. But nowadays we have to transfer file more than 4GB such as DVD or dual layer DVD image. But NTFS file system is more...
  11. G

    Unable to open the word file

    I was editing a word (ms Office 2003 ver) file on my pen drive. Suddenly some screen appeared asking me to " Select the encoding that makes your document readable" and giving three options 1.Windows(Default), 2. MS-DOS, 3. Other encoding ' What ever I select it creats a junk file. Is there a...
  12. GeekyBoy

    New Pen Drive

    I planning to buy a new 4 gb pen drive. I have a max budget of Rs 750. What is the best pen drive I can get within this price?
  13. I

    about graphical pen

    sir,, i wanna use graphical pen as an input device to replace the keyboard as i takes lot of time to train my worker to use key board so if it will possible to use it.....
  14. Krazzy Warrior

    Installing Vista on Pen Drive

    If I buy a 6 GB Pen Drive and try to install Vista on it, is it is possible ? What I will do:- 1. Insert the Windows Vista Installation CD 2. Attach the Pen Drive 3. Make CD the First Booting device 4. And In the time where we have to give drive on which I want to install Vista, if I give the...
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