1. V

    CPU heating Problem

    Processor Manufacturer: Intel Corporation Identification: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz Name: Pentium 4 Code Name: Prescott Model: Family 15 model 4 level 9 Frequency: 533 MHz L1 Cache: 16 KB L2 Cache: 1,024 KB L3...
  2. anish_sha

    Entering Multiple Download links to ORBIT downloader

    hi guys, i have rapidshare premium account, when i want to download a movie , it will be having some 6-7 urls , since max upload of a file in rs is 100 mb , i find it so annoying to enter one by one by copy paste method, is there any other shortcut so tht i can do it quickly? pls share if u have...
  3. ¦Rage--oצ

    Thermal Paste

    hey by mistake removed the thermal paste between the processor and the fan is it necessary for it to be there if yes whats the approx. cost of it............ plzz suggest
  4. Sathish

    Read non-readable OLD CD/DVD..

    This is a short trick that read a non-readable Old CD/DVD.. (Note: Physically damaged CD/DVDs are exceptions) Requirment: 1. Colgate/Pepsodent paste 2. Dry Plain White Cotton >Apply the paste to the nonreadable CD/DVD from centre to corner (in 4 way) > drag the paste equally > Wait for 2...
  5. CadCrazy

    Where to get paid/free looseless Hindi Songs

    Is there any website where i can get Lossless( original uncompressed) Hindi songs ? Wana make collection of selected evergreen songs. :D PS: Don't paste illegal links. I hate piracy here. instead use PM service :D
  6. s_arka_r

    Cooling Paste In Kolkata????????

    Can any one of you guys recomend me a shop in kolkata which sells good cooling paste??? Almost all the shops in Chandni Chowk n G.C.Avenue stocks a cheap Intel cooling paste. I wanted Arctic Silver or OCZ.... Thanx in advance for ur help........
  7. ionicsachin

    Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning proccessor

    Hi cud anyone tell me denerally whr do we get isoproplyl alcohol....the one which we use for cleaning proccy before aplying thermal paste
  8. prasad_den

    Odd problems with regard to Win XP.. explorer issues..!!

    I have been having some weird problems with my Win XP SP2 since yesterday. Yesterday, when I tried to open gpedit or msconfig, I got some script error, asking me if I wanted to debug. Irrespective of the choice I click it persisted until I end the mmc.exe process from task manager. Today...
  9. L


    Friends while doing copy paste two or more times with different content if i want to paste back the previous content which i had copied without going back to that content.How can this be achieved.
  10. entrana

    where to get thermal paste in kolkata

    where to get thermal paste in kol. my cpu is overheating its running like 48 on idle
  11. S

    Orkut malware?

    Hi, My sister has received a scrap on Orkut that reads "ORKUT RANKING..!! ORKUT has Ranked all our PROFILE... Please check your rank soon , by Just copy and paste the script found below and paste it in your adderss bar, (the place where u see and hit ENTER" and then, there...
  12. the.kaushik

    Change the default address field search for firefox

    Actually i faced this problem after installing DAP. My default address field search changed to some speed bit search and it was just a mess and i was not able to remove it so after doing some hunting got a solution! This is how it works. Open firefox. In the URL field type about:config and...
  13. chesss

    lithium based thermal paste

    Hey zaada hasna mat.. :D i have this grease which states "good structural thermal and oxidation stability " , its lithium soap based, can it be as a thermal paste?? for the cpu? Its originally for auto-industrial use.. i am asking this , coz I read on another forum a guy used...
  14. N

    CPU Temp 103 C HELP!

    I have an Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHZ CPU installed on a Intel 915GAV M/Board. My CPU was restarting and in latter days it was suddenly turning off. This I knew was due to overheating. The temp remained at 85C to 95C with LEAST LOAD. I began to suspect that if the assembler had applied thermal paste...
  15. punk

    Magic of programming

    Hi just came across this program, try this its really cool:D 1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. Go to Google 3. Click images 4. Type "flowers" & enter. 5. You will get a page which is having full of mages. 6. Then delete the URL from the address...
  16. Ankush_is_here

    May i use thermal paste on my processor and how to use

    Hi guys pls tell me how i will use thermal paste on my intel 2.4 processor. And can i directly use my pc after pasting without wait for some time..
  17. aryayush

    New features for orkut scrapbook.

    orkut has silently added a few nifty features to the scrapbook. Enjoy! :)
  18. go4saket

    Help with Photoshop???

    Hi Guys! I am a very basic user of Photoshop 7 and wanted to know how can we extract a part of a picture. Sat for example I want to extract my picture from one of my prevailing photos and paste it on some other background, how can that be achieved. I tried tools like Magic Lasso, Magnatic Lasso...
  19. R

    One of the best imagination I ever saw on net...

    <a url=""> One of the best imagination I ever saw on net... Awsome sorry, i dont know to put links, please copy and paste link on ur browser
  20. JohnephSi


    Plz tell me how 2 paste words on the cmd Prompt
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