1. R

    How do I clean my pc

    Dissambeled my pc just now and its looks very dusty.The gpu, fans mobo,cpu cooler heatsink has so much dust sitting on them.I also want to re-apply thermal paste on the cpu.How do I clean the already applied thermal paste? Don't have isopropyl alcohol. In short, I want to get rid of the dust...
  2. M

    Dell XPS L50X Heating issues

    Hello People! A few Friends of Me and I own a Dell L50X each, and We have been facing heating issues with the same. To give You an e.g., a laptop was cooled in freezer (wrapped in plastic) for about 10 minutes, but still when it was booted up, the cores touched 100c after a few minutes on being...
  3. CommanderShawnzer

    Help me to fix my Overheating Laptop

    My Acer laptop(specs in sig) bought in May 2011 has developed overheating problems(the kind where the pc overheats and shuts down to prevent damage to its components) these overheat-and-shutdown problems started in January 2012 when my laptop used to overheat and shutdown after 2 hours of...
  4. V

    Thermal paste suggestions

    Guys, suggest me some good thermal paste. Will be applying to my i5-750(:mrgreen:). Local dealers don't even know about them. All of them were dumbstruck when I mentioned the name! They say, it doesn't come separately. They have never heard of Arctic silver, Tuniq etc! Jokes apart, budget is...
  5. RCuber

    Harlem Shake any Website..

    1. Go to Google Chrome 2. Go to any website (works cool on facebook) 3. Right click anywhere -> Inspect Element 4. Click on the rightmost "Console" tab. 5. Copy paste the following * into the console. 6. Make sure the volume isn't too loud! 6. Press Enter. *...
  6. ShankJ

    RMA'ing laptop

    I have a hp pavilion dv4-5009tx laptop which i bought in the beginning of August 2012.. Since then i have complained of thermal shutdown 3 times to the hp customer service.. For the first two time only dusting of the fan was done and re-applying the thermal paste.. The third time the fan and...
  7. F

    problems relating hdd

    This problem started recently.I was copying my files in my external hdd.It shows that i do not have the permission and access denied. Now this problems occur with every external drive or pen drive.I tried in my friend's pc and he was able to copy or paste in the drive. Please help!!
  8. D

    [Want to Buy] Thermal Paste / Thermal Compound

    If anyone have Thermal Paste / Thermal Compound, please let me know price. I need it urgently. I'm looking for Tuniq TX4 / ARCTIC SILVER 5 / ARCTIC MX2 / ARCTIC MX4 / cooler master Thermal Fusion etc. Thanks.
  9. D

    Need help connecting a cabinet fan.

    Hello everyone, Firstly sorry if I am reposting but because everyone has different motherboards I am forced to do so. Ok, now my PC specs are as follows... CPU Q8300 Coolermaster 600w PSU 4GB DDR2 RAM Motherboard INTEL DG41RQI My CPU temperature is 80C on normal usage which I guess is...
  10. S

    Vostro 1510 Hot GPU

    I have dell vostro 1510 with following configuration C2D T5670 1.8GHZ 4GB RAM 256MB DDR2 8400m gs I just got my fan replaced. Fan is working fine now and cpu is lot cooler but GPU is running way hotter(reaching 100c on load). Earlier it never used to go beyond 85-86 on stress test. But...
  11. saurabh_1e

    Thermal Paste

    Need a thermal paste within 500-600/- Confused between these two: 1) Cooler Master IC Essential E2 Thermal Interface. 2) Arctic Silver 5. Will be using it on Phenom x6 1055T @3.5Ghz and MSI HD6850 Cyclone @925Mhz... Open to Suggestions.... One more question i have tightened...
  12. dfcols71

    for installing cpu for installing cpu cooler should we get additional thermal paste

    for installing after market cpu cooler should we get additional thermal paste, isn't stock thermal paste supplied with cooler enough besides saw this article Thermal Compound Roundup - December 2011 | Hardware Secrets where butter,lipstick or toothpaste applied ,there is hardly 4-5...
  13. S

    having problem with hindi fonts in photoshop

    guys im having problem with hindi fonts in photoshop normally i convert to hindi word with help of google translitertion like i type yatri in google to get यात्री and paste it in photoshop but from few days im having problem when i paste same word on photoshop i get undesire result.
  14. R

    How's the combo??

    I am planning on buying i5 2500 (non K) + Biostar TZ68K+ (Z68 as i want my 1600MHz to run on its capacity). Please let me know your opinion on the combo. I am looking for some thermal paste too. Can anyone suggest some good ones with the links to buy??
  15. koolent

    Thermal Paste Problem

    Hi, I cleaned my computer and dissembled the CPU and the cooling fan and I removed the paste (in solid form) from over the CPU and reassembled the whole system. It worked for me.. But when my friend did the same in front of me It was like the computer started normally and when it came to...
  16. Siddharth_1

    Cut Paste?

    I wanted to know that when i cut paste a file in windows 7, is the file totally removed from where it has been cut, or windows just shows that it has been removed. Actually i wanted to know is the space in the drive really is emptied when i cut a file from it?
  17. mitraark

    Pentium 4 3.0 GHz CPU 100+°C

    I have the possibly the hottest Processor ever made , Intel Pentium 4 531 3.0 GHz .. on an Intel D915GAV Motherboard. Temperatures are soaring way above alarmig levels , i applied new paste , still not decreasing. [ See Attachment for Screenshot ] Idle Temp 90 When opening Firefox - 95...
  18. S

    Thermal Paste

    Hi, Looking to purchase a thermal paste tube. Quantity should be good enough for at least two time application. Preferrably MX2. Should not be too old. NCR seller preferred.
  19. V

    Xinput1_3.dll file missing in laptop

    Few days back my laptop plays NFS HOT PURSUIT without any problem(in vista os),but today i installed win7 ultimate 32bit on laptop, but it can't run, and a message appear that xinput1_3.dll file is not found. This is a paste and play game means i can't install it on laptop,because laptop DVD ROM...
  20. S

    Thermal compound query

    Hi, Please suggest the best performing thermal paste available online. Budget is under 1k. Thanks.
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