1. ghantaukay

    Help BSOD

    I am assembling a pc.I have win7 in one of my hdd.when i try to boot the system crashes.BSOD strikes.When I checked the BIOS I see the CPU temperature at a high level.When I installed the processor I saw a thin smear of thermal paste on it so I didnt think it necessary to add any more.I checked...
  2. win32.tr0jan

    CPU running but no display

    my friend is having corei3 3.2Ghz,6GB DDR3 Ram,iBall sprinter 600W and Intel DH55TC motherboard.The problem is that his PC gets off automatically after sometime.He used thermal paste and now for 3 days it was running smooth.Today when he was using photoshop,it got off...and now it aint turning...
  3. W

    Need advice for better thermal paste

    currently my 955 BE CPU temps are 39c idle and 56c load. using cooler master thermal fusion 400 with hyper212 plus. are my temps high or normal? Members please suggest me very good thermal paste that would bring down these CPU temps.
  4. utkarsh009

    overclocked my components but need help.

    you all know my config. its in my signature. i oc'ed my proccy from 2.9 to 3.2 ghz. i have set fsb to 225mhz with a multiplier of 14.5x but i havent increased voltage. its 1.425 V (as easy tune 6 lists) i used bios setup for oc as et6 was giving me troubles. i dont have all those thermal paste...
  5. kool

    OPERA MINI v5.1 Problem________!!!

    I've installed Opera Mini v5.1 and Opera Mobile v10 on NOKIA 5230. In both browser when i SELECT any text and COPY then it never works for PASTE function. I tried to PASTE in SMS, or browser address bar, but it never works. :cry:
  6. happy20b

    Help in applying thermal paste

    Dear all, I bought coolermaster htk 200 yesterday . I have not applied thermal paste before. Instruction says that stick the sticker provided with product on HSF bottom and apply the paste. once done remove the sticker and mount on cpu. But when i googled found that ppl apply paste on...
  7. B

    Problem in Copy/cut paste

    I am using Windows XP - SP3, am facing strange problem that I am not able copy or cut paste any files who's size is more than 1GB. I can very well do copy or cut paste with the smaller files. Error: There is not enough free disk space. And wizard for Disk CleanUp opens up... And it happens...
  8. sriharsha_madineni

    Is aftermarket thermal paste really necessary??

    I have a small doubt regarding CPU thermal paste,Recently my motherboard was replaced under warranty and during that gap my proccy and fan were kept aside in a box.Now my doubt is,is that gonna affect thermal paste in any way and do u really need to apply aftermarket thermal paste again??? My...
  9. R

    unable to copy paste

    dear friends, off late i am not able to copy paste my data from any of my 4 partitions of the hard drive to either pendrive or to other partitioned drives. pls suggest some ways out...
  10. R

    A A A A A A A A A system re-starts again and again .Thermal Paste procedure!!

    Hi, Guys!! My System Configuration: Celeron Processor: 3.06 GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte 945 DDR2 : 512 Seagate HDD: 80 GB DVD ROM: LG Problems: My system is in the top floor of a concrete building. The temperature is really high in the room because of the continual exposure to the sun. I...
  11. asingh

    Intel E7400 temperature

    Hi.. My E7400 idles at around 58-60C. During game load it hits 90C..Is this all right..?? Am using stock cooling. No overclock. Though when I placed the stock heat sink on the processor, it had some thermal paste from the factory. Which looked quite crappy and inadequate to me, but I still...
  12. NucleusKore

    Working with Ubuntu

    This is a copy of the tutorial published on my website on This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 India License So you have got your Ubuntu up and running. What next? Well there are loads of things you could do, depending on your...
  13. K

    Strange Problem (urgent)

    Hello Friends/Expert. I am unable to copy and paste. whatever i copy it gets paste as "a" in other sense i am unable to copy and paste, but when i restart my system it works fine for some time then again the same problem. kindly help me out. thanks in advance Kunal Mehta
  14. sourishzzz1234

    Where to get thermal paste and heatsink

    AM from Kolkata...i tried to find a thermal paste and a ASUS/SUnbeam Heatsink in and around Chandni but none of the shops have it....where can i get these two products and what would be the cost...?? I USE a core 2 Quad Q6600 and it's temperature is always around 60 C i guess it's not
  15. ay_aceoo7

    thermal paste...

    i want to buy a thermal paste....from where will i buy it from computer shop?
  16. awesomeabid

    Which Thermal paste will not void the waranty AMD 64 X2 chipsets ???

    hey guys..!! i m using AMD 64 X2 7750 BE. can you please recomend a gud thermal paste that would not void the waranty of the processor. yes...if i use any paste that is not authorised by AMD, may void the waranty check this out:
  17. Pat

    iPhone 3.0 announced

    Calling all whiners to crib about lack of Flash (coz thats the only thing they can complain about) :wink:
  18. C

    coolant paste problem..

    Can anyone give me any details on a coolant paste available in India. I would prefer arctic silver and anywhere in east India. Also, please tell me the price and the duration for which a tube would last. I have a Intel core2duo.
  19. S

    no copy n paste option

    my frnd is using windowsxp home edition n bcoz of sum virus or spyware or wat evry it may be i caanot copy paste by any means...i tried spybot n cleared evrything but i still cannot find those options neither in Edit menu nor on right click..... atlast i had to formatt d pc n now d problem...
  20. bharat_r

    copy & print protecting a pdf file

    How do I protect a pdf from it's contents being copied or printed. I don't want to use any passwords. It should be accessible to all but they must not be able to copy paste or print the text in it. I have Adobe Acrobat professional 8. Can it be done using this or any other software?
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