1. Kniwor

    Heat sink paste...

    Where can i get a good heat sink paste in kolkata, Any chance i can get Arctic Silver 5.
  2. kjuvale

    how to use google adsense on my forum

    Hi, we friends have created a forum . we would like to how we can use adsense to add ads to forum we have created a free forum at how can we paste the html code to add adv.
  3. nithinks

    Why we have to apply thermal paste?

    Why we have to apply thermal paste on the processor inspite of having good cooling fan?Is it a must?
  4. iinfi

    blog doubt....

    i wanna create a blog at .... is it leagal to include news items frm other websites or should everything be my own original information .... suppose i write a topic on "London blasts" ... and then copy paste a news item frm is that copy paste work legal ???
  5. K

    Floppy Disk

    I would like to copy the bootable files from the OS "Windows XP Home EditionSP2" and paste it into a FLOPPY DISK for the use of bootable Flobby. How to do it?
  6. N

    Thermal Paste Applied.

    hi i reacently bought a 915 based PC with 3.0 Ghz , 800 Mhz FSB , It gets heated upto 72 degrees , i asked my vedor if he had applied thermal paste on the processor and heat sink , he said that these processors come with paste pre applied. Is he correct ?
  7. mario_pant

    can i paste paper to CDs?

    hey i was just wondering that.... can i paste paper to CDs and DVDs...... i just backed up some of my games and i want to paste printed CD scans on them... so if i use fevistic or something would it harm my CD/DVD drive?? or is there any other way to do it?? PS: and how do i get an older...
  8. Choto Cheeta

    urgent help.... No copy Paste....

    Well from past 2 days i, few of my friends, & also a friend who run a cybercafe facing a copy paste problem..... we r using win98 SE or winXP SP2 pro.... the problem is we cant copy or paste text to (or from) any programs... this includes copying text from web page (FF, IE, NS, Op), also from...
  9. R

    CPU temperature 99 deg

    Hello guys, i am in big trouble, i removed the thermal paste that i got with the Intel fan, just to see the difference in temperatures. And now the CPU temp goes up to 98-99 deg. With the paste it went up to 85 and now its very high. Where can i get that paste from and for how much ? Also ...
  10. A

    outlook problem

    Hi, I have microsoft outlook 2002. I have copy the .pst files(archive.pst, personal folder.pst) from c:/Doc & Set/admin folder/local settings/application data/microsoft/outlook folder. And I have paste these files in D drive, but I dont know how to use these files from D: Help me please...
  11. goobimama

    Frizzly Framing (photoshop Tutorial)

    Here’s a nice trick to frame your picture in a kind of…well, I don’t know how to describe it. Now there may be lots of methods to do this, but here’s one: Step 1: Create a new image (let's call it image1), about the size of the image that you want to frame. Paint around with a natural...
  12. O

    the processor stuck to the heat sink .......

    when i removed the heatsink of my P4 , the processor had stuck to the heat sink.the processor had come out WITH the heat sink.what does it mean ? is the processor heating too much ? the processor had stuck so firmly that i had to spend some time to remove it.when it finally came off, the thermal...
  13. A

    Is it true?

    hi, we've assembled a new pc with P IV 2.8 Ghz HT with original intel 915 mobo. While assembling the unit our hardware vendor said Ht series processor doesn't need thermal paste Is it true ? Plz let me know as soon as possible coz i havent yet switched on my system t bcoz of that !
  14. C

    copy from acrobat file

    I'm not able to copy and paste data from an acrobat file. Kindly tell me how to do this?
  15. K

    fed up with message "hello"

    plz help me to get rid of the problem "Hello". i mean, when i copy any thing at any program n try to paste then it past onnly "Hello" at any times. like--> In MSWORD if i copied a text n paste it in to another place it paste "Hello". how could i solve this problem? do u have any idia?
  16. R

    WinXP Files not moved using KNOPPIX

    How do i copy + cut + paste files on Windows volumes using Knopppix ??
  17. R

    My email is singing

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Hi, Do you want to send singing mail..!!!! :lol: :lol: Just paste one HTML Code into your signature in yahoomail. 1. Go to yahoo mail. 2. Mail Options 3. Signature, Check mark "View HTML source" in the signature field, and paste <BGSOUND balance=0...
  18. Yoda

    Don't know how to paste a picture in this forum. tell me how

    hi, guys how to paste a picture in this forum. Thanx Arsenal.
  19. G


    they say instead of copy paste copy paste one can enter once the number of paste in on e enter and "enter " to paste horijontally hello hello hello hello hello hello hello within a matter of seconds .....wanna know how .........
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