1. ssb1551

    Skylake based gaming rig

    Hi Digitians, This is my first Intel build with Zotac GTX 1060 AMP. I will upgrade to 1070 by the end of this year or start of the next. Also will upgrade to a better PSU - got the crappy CX series now. Didnt know it was worse than CS series :shocked:. Anyways here goes the pics (BTW not sure...
  2. A

    Suggest me a Thermal Paste

    Hi guys, my HP Pavilion is running really hot now 60 on idle and 90-100 on heavy loads in the time of winter.If i won't do something my chip will fry up.I need to clean it and apply thermal paste.What should i buy.Please suggest a good thermal paste out there.I don't wanna compromise on that.In...
  3. anarchy0x

    Transferring data(pics mostly) from XIAomi Redmi Notie 4G to PC

    I've been getting this problem while transferring pcs from Xiaomi, the pics simply won't move (trying to do a cut & paste here) & sometimes they do after doing it for a second or third time or even more attempts. Even while using copy paste I'm not able to get all the pics. This has made my...
  4. A

    CPU cooler for i5-2500k

    Recently my CPU has started dropping in performance ( i suspect thermal throttling), as it reaches temps of 96 degrees Celcius while playing Borderlands 2 co-op online with a friend. I feel that changing the thermal paste and a upgraded cooler should help with the temp, and allow me to overclock...
  5. I

    Please suggest Thermal Paste for about Rs 500

    Hi all, I have an old gaming oriented machine that has a core2duo E4500. I often overclock it from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz but it seems that recently it has been heating up till till 70degrees C. I cleaned up the cooler(stock Intel) and found that my last application of thermal paste has dried out...
  6. Skyh3ck

    Need Keyboard-Mouse, Thermal Paste, Spike Guard etc... Suggestion Please

    Hello I require following computers parts on urgent basis, will be buying from online shopws like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal. 1) Keyboard Mouse combo Usage is normal home, use office work, photoshop and typing, must be multimedia feature, wired 2) Thermal Paste Need good quality...
  7. T

    Thermal Paste MX4 or MX2 or AS5 or Noctua Nth1

    Hi guys, my Dell Inspiron 15R is running really hot now 75 C idle and 100+ C on load and if I dont do something then it can very well fry in summer. I need to clean it and apply some good thermal paste. What should I buy ? Arctic Silver 5 [Rs. 580] or Arctic MX4 [Rs. 810] or Arctic MX2 [Rs. 625]...
  8. ancientrites

    pc/laptop thermal paste in mangalore?

    Hi, i need help,where can i get high end thermal paste for laptops and laptop in mangalore?brands like deepfreeze or any other.
  9. anandharaja

    How to apply thermal paste to Asus GTX 670

    hi, my GPU reaches the temperature of above 70 in just a minute while rendering. but earlier it takes at-least 10 minutes to reach 70, so i think the paste should dry, i want to replace that one. searched in google not found any proper video to apply the thermal paste/ removing the heat sink for...
  10. warfreak

    El cheapo thermal paste?

    Recently, I took to cleaning my PC by taking it apart. Naturally I rubbed off all the thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink. Now I need to apply thermal paste and I have 2 options, go for a reliable brand like thermaltake or Artic Silver which costs > 500 bucks or go for a non branded...
  11. A

    Amd Fx 8320 Overheating and shutdown

    Hello, My CPU is shutting itself down after playing 10 minutes of COD Ghost. I've checked the temps and it is going up to 80C. I am using stock cpu cooler. I think the problem is with the thermal paste . Here is the image of temp and processor and heatsink . Could you please...
  12. Jim Kirk

    Hindi Website on Blogger ?

    I am currently working on a blog which I have created on Blogger. The articles which I paste from my word file on blogger are in hindi language, so when I paste them I appears correctly to me. But when i check my website on some other PC. Instead of hindi, some unknown characters appears on my...
  13. V

    Amd fx8350 high temp

    i have a AMD FX8350 With CM HYPER 212 EVO the idle temp is 42c and while playing BF3 it goes upto 65c :-( I have used the thermal paste which i got with my cm hyper 212 evo which is 2 year old is it because of it ? should i change the paste ?
  14. A

    Best thermal paste for AMD x6 1100t BE within Rs 500 ? - INDIA, Kolkata

    I have AMD x6 1100t Black Edition on Asus 990fx Crosshair(mobo), temp sometimes rises to 65C and above, if I open too many web pages at a time(may be due to excessive media content) or gaming. While the default pasting that came was wasted when I opened the heat sink. Any clue on which...
  15. evil_maverick

    Slow data copy speed over home wifi network..

    hello every 1, needed some quick adv, am using a ASUS RT N1 3U B1 (with ddwrt firmware)..everything is working fine..but.when ever I try to copy and paste files from my fone to the comp..I get reallly low arnd 600 to 700 this normal? using win 7 ultimate..64bit.. thanks..
  16. truegenius

    about tx3 evo and 212evo vs stock hsf, and thermal paste advice

    i am looking to buy a hsf (second hand or new) currently i get temps over 70'C @3.6ghz on my 1090t with stock hsf i am using a cheap silicon based paste, that is why temps are higher, while stock paste gave me 60'C temp at same setting and 70'c on 3.8ghz 1 . so how much difference i will...
  17. TheLetterD

    Cheap Chinese Thermal paste? HC 151. Is it safe?

    Okay so I wanted to change the processor on my Dad's old office PC(Pentium 4 LGA 775) with my Core 2 Duo E7200. I have never done this before so I thought Id try it this time. Both computers are roughly 3 years old and havnt been used in the past 3 months. I thought it might need a new thermal...
  18. ancientrites

    i want cpu thermal paste in mangalore

    any idea where can i get high quality cpu thermal paste i dont want to go online:evil: actually i want to use it for gpu:-D
  19. P

    help! motherboard came with one side of heatsink open!

    i went to nehru place yesterday and bought this motherboard: ASUS - M5A97 R2.0 but i did not check it there and when i checked this morning the heatsink on the left side of the motherboard was open on one side. i did push the spring type button through the hole it clasped on firmly. my questions...
  20. chandan3

    No sound

    Hi guys i hv installed cod black opps 2 .bt there is no sound .i hv dowload n paste sound fix from torrent bt nothing happned.any solution ,ple help me.thanx
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