1. Dark Star

    Panel panorama..

    Hey all How o change the Main Menu button .. Like some theme provide .png icon for main menu I did not download as I don 't know where to paste them :9 Help me plz :D
  2. anilmail17

    is Thermal paste really needed?

    i recently buy a new motherboard and then installed my old Proccessor on it. My PC is working fine but someone told me that while installing CPU i must put thermal paste on it. I never used thermal paste and want to know the use of thermal paste, is it necessary to put thermal paste, from where...
  3. N

    Infected by Spyware/Keylogger

    I'm in trouble.... I clicked on a link in my orkut scrapbook and it took me to a phishing site, asking to login again. I closed that window (browser FF). Then I tried to report the sender but heck! I was not able to paste the phishing url in the 'report abuse' message. The moment I tried...
  4. S

    Thermal paste

    Can anybody tell me where can we get artic silver 5 thermal paste in bangalore??wat is the price? Also wat are the temp u ppl gettin with core2duo e4300 ?? TIA srinivas
  5. Gigacore

    How to post images in our thread?

    Please help me to add images to the thread i post instead of attachment. I cant paste images in message box...
  6. blackpearl

    Thermal Paste substitute??

    There is guy in my neighbourhood who is a doctor (he is still doing his PG). He has a PC, a Celeron 2.4GHz, and he likes to tinker around with it. Last sunday he removed the heat sink to clean and since he did not have any thermal paste he applied some Ultrasound gel instead when reinstalling...
  7. S

    how copy and paste a pdf file .

    hi guys i got a little problem to do copy and paste of a pdf file in word document . when i copy all selected pdf file ,and paste it in m.word document , it does not shows its orginal text .in place of its "text "it shows some lines and commas . so what do i need to do to open it in word document.
  8. A

    No Thermal Paste !!

    Can anybody plz help me out with my doubt regarding thermal paste and core 2 duo? I got this E6300 (1.86Ghz) the box pack which came with a thermal heat sink.When i installed the chip and heatsink i didnt apply any thermal paste on my own.Is it alright to use it this way? I dont plan to...
  9. anandk

    Add Paste and Go Feature to Firefox

    1 of the many great features in Opera is the way it loads a site automatically when you paste the URL into the address box. The same applies to search, just paste the search term and the search runs automatically without the need to hit "Enter" or the Search button. Paste and Go is a...
  10. N

    how to use this?

    from where to copy n paste?? i m unable to paste in IE7..why ?? <script> <!-- /* Auto Refresh Page with Time script By JavaScript Kit ( Over 200+ free scripts here! */ //enter refresh time in "minutes:seconds" Minutes should range from 0 to inifinity. Seconds...
  11. B

    Fan & Paste

    in which shop in Banglore I can get 120mm fan & thermel paste & copper heatsink for P4 HT 3.ooGHz ? (please tell me specific shop name) price=?
  12. codename_romeo

    Fans N Thermal Paste Help Needed

    Can someone guide me on how to apply the thermal paste, which thermal paste to buy n at wat cost......... Then i have one stock fan,one psu fan n one cabinet fan. i wantu attach more fans but no more place in the cabinet(though my mobo has one more power supply for fan 3 pin wala) Suggest on...
  13. ECE0105

    P4 2.8 (511) Prescott Temp. and Upgrade.

    Hi, I have a P4 2.8 (511) Prescott with an Intel D101GGc Motherboard. I happened to see a lot of Dust on the Heatsink Assembly of the processor. I removed it and cleaned it using a Brush.... After putting it back in, I checked the temperature in the BIOS and find that it is 62degrees...
  14. caleb

    NOKIA 6708...a peculiar problem

    I just bought a Nokia 6708 & when I connect it to the PC and copy paste MP3 songs ONE AT TIME (from PC to Mobile memory card) everything is fine but if I copy paste several MP3 songs together I get a error msg after exactly 2 songs are copied...can anyone have an answer to this peculiar...
  15. N

    Copy Pasting on Yahoo Rooms

    hi guys, how do i copy paste paragraphs on yahoo game rooms? please help
  16. D

    What is This.................

    hi, from y'day i found a strange pb in my computer. whenever i try to copy some text and paste the same in another part it wil be alwas pasted as "Hello!" for example if u have copied a long text and when u try to paste it so while pasting it wil be like "Hello!" only. so can any body...
  17. R


    is it save to take the heat sink out of the processor (for example a pentium cpu) when the thermal paste is applied on the heatsink and cpu? if not then what is process to take the processor out of the socket in case of pentium (3 or 4) cpu when it is attached with the heat sink and paste...
  18. N

    Help!! Choice of Cabinet+ heatsink+fan+thermal paste

    Hi! I'd really appreciate if you cud help me with the following.... well tmrw i'm gonna go hunt for a decent cabinet & heatsink+fan+thermal paste for my pc with prescott 3.0GHz which sadly is giving me sleepless nights with its high temp...( idle temp arnd 56-58'c)....forget abt paying...
  19. D

    what is the role of paste used below the processor?

    hi, i want to know Y we are using the paste below the processor
  20. Vishal Gupta

    How to restrict CUT, COPY, PASTE, DELETE, etc in Windows XP?

    Guys! Is there ne way to restrict users in windows XP from CUT, COPY, PASTE, DELETE ne item? Like ne registry key or gpedit.msc option?
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