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  • I bought it last years in mid December for 12.4k . I bought it from a shop which was a little ahead of LG mobile world in main road. But they brought it from LG mobile world itself. Now it may be available for 9k. (Not sure) . You also may wanna have a look at optimus net @10k which is it's successor. Also xperia mini and xperia mini pro are my recommendations. Avl. For 13k
    even though BenQ G2222HDL is new, It is a good product and it is also L.E.D. But if u don't want it than G2220HD is a solid choice.
    I am from ranchi and here benq lcd is not available. I have to purchase it from kolkata.
    Regarding g2222hdl it comparatively new product. It has to prove, And g2220hd is a proven product. It not only cheapest full hd but also a good product.
    I purchased it in the month of March 2011. I cost me Rs. 7.7k Rs 300 more than 7.4k because it wasn't available at the shop and they had to order it from Guwahati. BTW where do you live?
    BenQ G2220HD is a very good monitor! its good for both gaming and watching movies. But please mention your budget. At 7.3k its very good but if you can extend your budget to 8k you can get BenQ G2222HDL or Dell ST2220M which are L.E.D.
    sorry 4 late reply b2230 is a good monitor crisp picture quality i would recommend it as i personally liked it and i use it 4 gaming and watching movies
    i dont know about cabby and psu prices. i used them from my old system and will change them when i will buy a gfx card. and yes the ram is 1333 mhz.
    i dont think even that ud3h is available because i told them that ud3h is my first preference and they were unable to find it. so i bought 880gm ud2h. and regarding price, they took too much. they sold me the mobo for 5.4k which is way too much for that mobo. it should have been available for 4k approx. 635 costed me 4.6k and corsair 2 x 2gb costed me 3.4k and seagate 500 gb costed me 1.8k. so a total of 15.2k.
    i bought my components from chokhani computers itself. they only had athlon II X4 635, not 645 so get 635 if you are planning to get 645 but they had phenom II X4 965 BE which is certainly much better than the althlon. get it if your budget allows. now i didnt buy benq 2220hd but i will be buying dell st2220l and they told that they had it. they also told that 880gma ud2h is not available anywhere in india but they can bring the 890gx specially from outside ranchi but due to my budget i bought 880gm ud2h which was available.
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