Vostro 1510 Hot GPU


Right off the assembly line
I have dell vostro 1510 with following configuration
C2D T5670 1.8GHZ
256MB DDR2 8400m gs

I just got my fan replaced. Fan is working fine now and cpu is lot cooler but GPU is running way hotter(reaching 100c on load). Earlier it never used to go beyond 85-86 on stress test.
But guy told me that he had just replaced fan and applied new thermal pad on GPU and new thermal paste on processor. He opened laptop in front of me and showed both of them placed perfectly. He also reassembled carefully and heatsink is perfectly fit.

So why am I getting a hot GPU?

Is thermal pad of poor quality?

Should I apply thermal paste(have heard that usually there is gap between heatsink and GPU and that's why thermal pad is applied to cover gap)

Can I use combination of thermal pad and thermal paste?

Also recommend me thermal paste and thermal pad if you recommend to replace
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