[Want to Buy] Thermal Paste / Thermal Compound


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If anyone have Thermal Paste / Thermal Compound, please let me know price. I need it urgently. I'm looking for Tuniq TX4 / ARCTIC SILVER 5 / ARCTIC MX2 / ARCTIC MX4 / cooler master Thermal Fusion etc.



^^TM means?

i had the cooler master thermal fusion 2 months ago, was of my frnd, costed around rs.500 to him, don't know if he will sell it or not..
btw, i have HI-TECH Thermal heatsink compound, costed me whopping rs.10.. :p (see spoiler for pics)


^Lol does that even work?

unfortunately i don't know, my pc's current mobo does'nt support thermal monitoring, so can't say, but the system has'nt overheated after applying this.. (i just applied it on intel chipset's (945g) heatsink, processor is still covered in the cooler master one.. ).. :wink:


TIM means thermal interface material (swallowed the i in my post :) )

I have an almost full, 2 month old tube, used just once. I can provide all the required stuff minus the spreading card (its missing, though i can make a home-made replacement) and the AMD spreading stencil (its quite messy, will be a PITA to use)

will upload pics later today.
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