Thermal Paste


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Need a thermal paste within 500-600/-

Confused between these two:
1) Cooler Master IC Essential E2 Thermal Interface.
2) Arctic Silver 5.

Will be using it on Phenom x6 1055T @3.5Ghz and MSI HD6850 Cyclone @925Mhz...

Open to Suggestions....

One more question i have tightened my ram latency from 9-9-9-25-34 to 7-7-7-20-27.
Which is the best application to check the performance gain and test stability of the memory.


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AS5...Always!! You could also buy AS3... its not so much behind AS5 but its a lot cheaper afaik...

P.S. let me know from where ur buying and for what price. I have been trying to find AS5/Ceramique for a long long time.....


teh tech saviour!
There is no stock thermal paste left..
And every time i clean my desktop i change the thermal paste..

How can be stock thermal paste be enough as every time you clean your hsf you have to change the thermal paste..


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@OP be careful regarding AS5 as it is highly electrically conductive beside being thermally conductive.Apply it with care so that not a slightest part comes in contact with MOBO.

refer this
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