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  • Don't add me as a member of sumonpathak's gang. I'm not supporting or attacking anyone here. I'm just giving out my opinion based on the facts and reviews. ;)
    Hi... I've just ordered ASRock Z77 Extreme6... Got to know from "ico" that you are using it so would really appriciate your views on it.
    It's your wish. And it isn't even like you're presuming. Don't take things to seriously. I doubt anyone *bashes* yeah, *bashes* Asrock here. They've got solid VFM boards. Especially the one you own. Go ahead and review it or post your overclock. :)

    If you want to leave the forum because of personal vendetta with one particular guy, it is your wish. (It's wrong)

    The reason I pinpointed you in the SuperPi thread is, your reaction in that thread was uncalled for and unwarranted.

    Problem with someone's post? There's the report button. Last time when you reported a post, it was deleted and your reason was valid.
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