1. N

    Shared Folder Password Protection

    Hi, I am having a small office with 2 PCs and 2 Laptops with basic networking for file sharing and Internet sharing. The laptops are connected via wifi. I am facing problem of security when visitor comes with wifi devices,(Laptop/Mobile/Tab) and I need to provide internet access to them...
  2. ghantaukay

    problem with TP Link MR 3020 wifi connection

    I have a TP Link MR 3020 wifi modem to be used with a 3G dongle. I have used it satisfactorily for about 3 -4 months. I use the wifi to connect my ipad2 to the internet. Owing to some problem I had to reset my ipad to factory settings. In the process the wifi password got lost. I wasnt able to...
  3. L

    Motherboard requiring password

    I have a dell Inspiron 2310 all in one pc (it has a dell mobo). I was trying to enter the boot menu but it required a password, I tried every password that I remeber but nothing worked. Any help? I have installed ubuntu alongside windows but at the startup it does show whether to choose between...
  4. U

    Lenovo Ideapad Z570 BIOS password help

    Hello, I have Lenovo Ideapad Z570, the moment i strike F2, password prompt come and i dont have the password. I tried many password software, it executes successfully n after reboot I get a Checksum error, then I press F2 again to get the same password prompt, I cannot get through it, it looks...
  5. A

    Remote kill process on windows 8

    We have 10 laptops connected to the same wifi, all of them running windows 8 or 8.1. I want to view and kill processes on these networked computers. For this purpose I created a local administrator account in each of them (let's say admin:password). I have tried using these commands: tasklist...
  6. ratul

    Ubuntu Forums Hacked

    Source: Hack exposes e-mail addresses, password data for 2 million Ubuntu Forum users | Ars Technica Defaced Website:
  7. D

    ORacle Multiple instance running windows 7-

    how to run multiple instances in oracle? using set oracle_sid=sid .. & when i say sqlplus / as sysdba... its asking password.. even i give sys and password it's not accepting... is it anything to do with os privilege? if so how to deal with it.. how to run two instances at a time?
  8. Inceptionist

    Is this best way to hide my files?

    I've created a partition (A:\) and I wanted to keep it hidden from other people who will use my PC. I am administrator of the PC and my account is password protected while other account is Standard User without any password.. To keep my files safe, I've removed everyone else in the 'Security'...
  9. H

    Uplay hacked. Change your password.

    Security update regarding your Ubisoft account - please create a new password | Forums
  10. kunalht

    Forgot password of router...

    I have engenius wifi router. I have forgot password of that. Is there any way to get password??
  11. M

    Require Lastpass like software for mobile. but free..

    I have installed Lastpass mobile version on my Samsung galaxy y duos. its pretty good online password manager software. but it costs 600/- Rs a year. is there any software having similar features, and free. I browsed many softwares in google play showing FREE tag, but they are only...
  12. esumitkumar

    You requested a new Facebook password ~~Help!

    Hi Every 5-10 days, I receive this mail in my gmail inbox " You requested a new Facebook password".. I know some of my friend is trying to gain access to my fb account..How do I track his IP using gmail headers ? or any other hint to know his location ? Rgds Sumit
  13. ramakanta

    Writing a DVD/CD with Password Protected

    Is there any procedure to protected a CD/DVD when writing something inside it. i.e. whenever want to open CD/DVD , it need a password to open this CD/DVD that you have given when written on it . please help me . thank you. :oops:
  14. patkim

    freeware usage - user expected to complete online offer

    I have forgotten password for one of my zip files, have tried various combinations by stretching my memory but no luck..I tried downloading and installing a freeware free zip-rar password recovery. To my surprise it asks to complete some online offer before a license can be activated. I am...
  15. ITTechPerson

    Kaspersky IS 2013 protecting my browser password - not allowing same password to other browser

    KIS 2013 is over reacting :punch:... protecting my browser passwords (i.e facebook/digit), 1st login at google chrome, but same password not accepting in IE/Firefox.:-x:-x Even I am unable to use FB at my office laptop with KIS 2013 :shock: Please any suggestion to configure the settings ? or...
  16. K

    Locked Win 7 & Surprised to see that it's been restarted after login

    This has happened about 3 times now if not more than that. The Issue is: I just locked the system using win+L. When I came back, the screen is alright waiting for me to enter password. After entering the password, it should resume from where I left last, right? But surprisingly, I see all...
  17. H

    Xp problem

    Am in the admin in the xp ....when ever i put a password and restart it goes straight to the desktop without asking the pass...please help
  18. N

    how to recover lost password from microSD card in mobile ?

    does any one of you know how to recover lost password from micro-SD card ? its password was set form Nokia 2690 mobile , it fell in water and after i got it repaired i couldn't access the card . any help ? sorry if i posted in wrong section .
  19. Richie Rich

    [HELP] Forgot Login Password of Windows 8

    My mom changed the password of her laptop but she forgot now. Usually she login with the help of finger print reader of hp laptop. Please help me out to change the password.
  20. V

    Windows 8 pdf reader

    I bought an ebook yesterday which I when tried opening, the inbuilt pdf reader in Windows 8 asked me for a password. I completeley rechecked the email confirmation but couldn't find any mention of the password. I have already sent an email to the customer care asking for the same. But now I just...
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