1. B

    Use a password to login when FF is opened after reboot

    Hi Guys, I save my passwords for my different accounts in FF in my home computer so that it auto logins whenever I open a particular site. Is there a way to make FF ask for a password for atleast once after it is opened after a reboot? Is there any specific software or extension for the same...
  2. G

    Pinnacle PDR-44C1-V

    Hello, I was given an old, but in working condition, a CCTV recorder, Pinnacle PDR-44C1-V. How do I Reset the User / Admn / Super Passwords? Or do a Factory Reset? Any help is appreciated.
  3. A

    Aircrack not working in kali linux 2.0

    I recently installed kali linux and use it for wireless penetration testing. Though the older one worked correctly, I upgraded so that I can get updated tools. But now aircrack suite is not working correctly, I can only capture -1.cap file and aircrack exits showing password not found. It only...
  4. V

    Access binatone wifi router with android phone

    I cannot access airtel broadband wifi router on my Samsung Galaxy Y. router: binatone 150 mbps N ADSL2+ It was installed 2 days back. On first day there were no issues. I could access Play Store and I updated several apps using wifi. Now whenever I try, it repeatedly asks for password...
  5. jatt

    How to Unlock Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Administration Password

    Hi, I unfortunately forget Admin password for Windows Server 2012,is there any easy way to reset the password so that i can login and save my data without reset OS. Is there any good tool to reset password specially for server, I tried so for is Hiren Boot cd,but its unsuccessful in this case.
  6. tamatarpakoda

    Forgot your iPhone password? Ask Siri for it!

    While Apple and the FBI fight it out in the courts over iPhone's encryption policy, a young lad shows the world a much easier way into getting a locked iPhone's password. Source: TheLadBible
  7. P


    Hi... having issue accessing my micromaxa106 mobile.It is showing " PLZ ENTER PRIVACY PROTECTED PASSWORD". This problem occur as soon i just removed my sim. pls help me getting rid of it.. THX
  8. K


    Hi Guys, What is the way to set a very secure password to lock and unlock WINDOWS7 ULTIMATE?
  9. Cyberghost

    Bundlestars Hacked - Password Reset Alert (Check ur Email)

    We have noticed attempts to access Bundle Stars customer accounts by entering, what we believe to be, stolen email address and password combinations, so we have taken the precaution of resetting all user passwords across the website. Customers' financial information, such as PayPal, credit or...
  10. K

    Any free software for password protecting external drive?

    Hi Guys, I have got a foreign made external MINI STATION hard disk, the details of it is given below. The password software for the above, given on the seller’s own website on the net, does not work. So, I would like to install a FREE SOFTWARE which should enable me to lock and unlock the...
  11. B

    Windows xp administrator password

    Hi Guys, A friend of mine has forgotten his Windows XP's password. Is there any way to login without formatting? Thanks
  12. R

    CPcam 4Ch MPEG Network DVR forgotten password - RCA LINE with BNC Connector or coaxial Line

    I got a old DVR from previous owner which was unused for sometime . I powered on its turning on , when i type IP address its asking for Username and password BUT sadly he dont know the username and password , i already tried many default username and password and sadly none worked...
  13. pra_2006

    Help Regarding Team Viewer

    hello friends i want help in Team Viewer, can u guys tell me how can i hide my Firefox Browser from Team Viewer so that i can show only desktop and my computer, i dont want my browsers to show as i type users ids and password or other works thankyou, help will be really appreciated. waiting for...
  14. Davidboon

    Epic Games Forums Hacked, Hackers gain access to Username, Email id’s, Passwords and more

    Important Message From Epic Games July 14, 2015 Dear Epic Games Forum Member, We have just discovered that the Epic Games forums located at were compromised by a hacker. We are sorry to report that the incident may have resulted in unauthorized access to your...
  15. Harsh Pranami

    Finding out bandwidth hogger

    So me and my flatmates share a broadband connection through router. Before subscription we all came to an understanding that no one will download data during day time in order for others to surf web without any problems. But since past few days someone has been secretly downloading and I can't...
  16. K

    A software for password.

    Hi Guys, I have got Windows7 Ultimate. I would like to write a DVD with the help of a software to give password to open. Which is the best free one for the purpose? You know software is changing by updating it. So, the software that I am going to use for the above purpose should enable me to...
  17. S

    Can't connect Asus RT-n13 u :(

    i can't connect my asus rt-n13 u with tp link modem.Internet led is on,but still when i connect the internet through asus wifi,the internet doesn't connects,is it may be because i have entered user name and password on both modem/router?I have checked it..but it doesn't works either..please help...
  18. M

    bitlocker encrypted pen drive not getting decrypted.

    I have Encrypted my 32 GB sandisk dual pendrive through default utility BITLOCKER available in windows 7. I have also given password to it via bitlocker. but, now i want to remove password of it , when i enter password after connecting it to pc for unlocking through bitlocker, it...
  19. amjath

    Issue with Windows 8.1 Password Reset using Hiren

    Hi guys, My friend forgot his password for his Windows 8.1 login, so he wanted me to reset the password. So I used Hiren boot cd and loaded to "offline nt password registry editor" When the drivers loads I see a strange behavior After this I had no choice but to press enter...
  20. B

    Not able to login to a specific website

    Hi Guys, I have an old PC with Windows XP at home. I use this PC only to access the internet and to listen to music. Everything was working well but since the past two days I am not able to login to my account at Till yesterday when I tried to login via Firefox and fill in the...
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