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  1. jkultimate

    ANDROID: Connected to Wifi, but no internet access. Please help.

    Hello everyone, I have an android phone. Karbonn A5. And BSNL Modem UTStarcom WA3002G4. Plan is 499 Rural combo unlimited. Today I've activated "WLAN" from the exchange. And the "WLAN" light is glowing now. Before it isn't. I've searched for networks in my phone. It detects my modem and asks...
  2. R

    Screen blinks randomly in my new Sony Tipo Dual

    I recently bought a new Sony Tipo Dual touch phone (just a week ago). I have password protected my mobile (i guess it's called screen lock). But the issue is, randomly after i lock my screen and keep the phone aside, the screen blinks, shows the cursor blinking where we enter the screen password...
  3. utkarsh73

    Problem in MySQL 5.5

    I just started learning very basic SQL queries yesterday and installed MySQL 5.5 client on my PC. While installing, the software asked for a root password. Everything was fine yesterday and I made a few databases and tables. But today when I started the command-line client and entered my...
  4. K

    how to reset memory card password????

    hi I forget my memory card password now its not opening in my nokia X2 phone.Is there any way to reset or remove the password?
  5. D

    Acer BIOS related

    Dear Digit, I have a problem with my Acer Travelmate 4750Z, I have forgotten BIOS password i tried to reset BIOS by removing & replacing CMOS Battery. By using command Prompt "debug" but it was not all right. Now OS is not loaded in my Acer Laptop as well as I cannot boot that laptop also...
  6. D

    Hcl me u1 too many pattern attempts , how to unlock.?

    hi my friend borrowed my u1 for a while, & he gave it back without saying anything wen i try to open it, Its showing too many pattern attemps, by this its evident that it got locked due to wrong pattern, but when i try to put my genuine gmail account id n password still it isn't opening, shows...
  7. ramakanta

    Guide to make strongest passwords

    Here I am posting this ref. to an excellent SANS guide on simple ways to make your passwords stronger, yet still remember them:- http://www.sans.org/reading_room/whi...ation/1636.php A reliable alternative is to use a password manager program. Two of the better ones: KeePass Password Safe...
  8. E

    sd card glitch help needed

    I have a Transcend 8gb micro sdhc card.i inserted it into a galaxy y it showed 'sd card not inserted'.when i insert it into my nokia x2-02 it asks for password even though i havent put any.i also inserted it in a sd card reader in my pc but the system hangs when i try to access it.Linux also...
  9. kARTechnology

    Dlink 2750u USB Storage FTP over WAN

    hi guys, I have Dlink 2750u, i connected Transcend 16gb USB drive to it and can can access that via LAN and I've mapped as network drive too :-D speeds are 3MB/s From lan, I can access it from \\\myname Even though I've setup password it does NOT ask for password...
  10. A

    Acer Travelmate 4720 BIOS Issue

    Hi All, Once I boot into my laptop's BIOS it prompts for supervisor password , unfortunately for me I no longer remember the password. When I took my laptop to service center guys they told me they can't flash the BIOS and the entire motherboard needs to be replaced. I believe even If I get it...
  11. anarchy0x

    Hiding files in a computer

    What would be the safest way to hide your stuff in computer? Should I download a software like Folderlock or should I just shift the files I want to hide in say, a game folder?Or should I just create a whole new partition which is only accessible to me? I do have user password set but I had to...
  12. curioustechy

    removing read only option from word 2010

    I've created a document using office 2003 & set a password to open it as well as another password for allowing editing. Now I'm using office 2010. I wanted to remove both the passwords. But could only remove the first one. How to remove the password for editing
  13. M

    cracking of laptop bios password

    i have dell labtop model no :inspiron N5030 i have bios password . when i start my computer. it is a white screen . this computer system # 3QS7QP1-595B is protected by a password authentication system. you cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password . please type...
  14. M

    Not able to log in to my computer

    I have a 64-bit computer with Win 7. My computer was always set to an auto log in without the need for password. Yesterday I tried to increase the size of the C drive after which it started showing me 2 options Admin and User when I logged in, but when I clicked on either it logged me in without...
  15. S

    Administrator password expiring frequently....

    Hi Guys, The administrator password is expiring frequently in my dell system....any solution for this to prevent? I am using win 7 prof 64 bit OS Regards, Santosh kulkarni
  16. B

    Need help setting up a router

    I'm a big fan of Top Gear and I'm trying to get the US version using UnoTelly. Anyone have any experience on how to set it up on Router? I got it working on my Mac but I couldn't get into the Virgin router/modem without password. Please help me out here.
  17. R

    Bitlocker Drive Question...

    So I have win7 installed on C drive and I have bitlocked my D drive. Question is - if I format my C drive, and install win7 again, will I be able to access my D drive after unlocking with the password I know? Or will the D drive be forced to format, thus making me lose all the data?
  18. C

    Lost the password to an imp excel sheet file......!!!!

    Could anyone please tell me how to access an .xlxs file if I have lost the password ?? I tried uploading the file and viewing it online at google spreadsheet document viewer.. Wont work.. Any ideas ???
  19. Ironman

    How tro Hack wifi Password (WEP)

    How tro Hack wifi Password (WEP) Our College official are just too stubborn they are not giving me use the password to our college wifi network i need a tool to hack it any suggestions Dont tell me to not to do it, they only use it for themselves , but that was meant for the students to...
  20. A

    Username or Password incorrect Windows 7

    I had only one user with admin rights. recently i created another user with restricted rights. Within 2 or 3 days of that the error message started appearing with a red cross "Username or Password incorrect". This message appears as soon as the windows loads, no log in screen displayed, when...
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