1. a_k_s_h_a_y

    BSNL Broadband Usage Portal Password ??

    I got a new bsnl internet connection. Second one. Just this week. I have IP address like How do I check my usage ?? Am unable to login. Am unable to login to * website. Looks like the ADSL username and password are not same as the usage portal password.
  2. shaunak

    How safe is HDFC netbaning.

    I was about to activate Third Party Transfer on my account, but after reading some stories on the net, about how people were scammed, I am in two minds. Why i feel its unsafe: * ICICI uses dynamic security, ie. SMSes the transaction password to your cell phone. HDFC has no such arrangement...
  3. N

    Resetting windows password

    hello friends one of the files of My friend's Laptop is corrupted on windows Xp OS, most of the important Softwares are located on the C drive , after booting the windows Xp CD , I was trying to repair through Recovery console at command prompt, it prompted me to enter file no that is windows...
  4. aQi_g

    :How to create and use strong Password::

    :How to create and use strong Password:: Your passwords are the keys you use to access personal information that you've stored on your computer and in your online accounts. If criminals or other malicious users steal this information, they can use your name to open new credit card...
  5. R

    Which approach of these two is better?

    I'm in dilemma to use one of the options for forgot my password. Please list out the reasons to support which one is better. 1.The user is emailed a link to a page where he can reset his password if he or someone uses the forgot my password option. 2. The user is emailed the old password if...
  6. L

    Is it possible ?

    I have a folder encrypted using ddcrypt software. I forgot the password to open it. Is there any way to open it ? Here is the folder attached.
  7. K

    How do you password protect your usb.

    Hello everyone, I am starting a new discussion on this board about how do people password protect their usb data on usb drive. As far as I am concerned,I use a software that can easily password protect my folders on my machine as well as on my usb,the name of this software is Folder Lock,its...
  8. nikku12982

    Not able to login into Yahoomail..Anyone else is getting same issue

    Today i tried to login to my yahoo account after giving uername and password and clicking ok it coming to same login screen without any error...It seems yahoomail server is down.
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