You requested a new Facebook password ~~Help!


Call me Sumit

Every 5-10 days, I receive this mail in my gmail inbox " You requested a new Facebook password"..
I know some of my friend is trying to gain access to my fb account..How do I track his IP using gmail headers ? or any other hint to know his location ?



The Mighty Unkel!!!
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yea.. I am hacking your FB account :p

J/K ;) , change your secret question. there will be a link to report this incident in that mail itself.. use it to inform this issue to Facebook.


Call me Sumit
he he ..thnx..that link says ok ...somebody might have requested wrongly and nothing else

[h=1]Can I update my security question?[/h]We want to make sure that your account and the information in it stays safe, so once you set up a security question on your account there’s no way to update it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Learn how to add a security question to your account.

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