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  1. george101

    Unable to connect to BSNL 500C after 2am!!!

    plz help guys, i jus got my bsnl H500C after waiting almost 4months for the connection and now i cant connect after 2am. during paid hours the connection is very fast and i get an avg of 250kbps but at 2am, its not even connecting. at first it was not even connecting to modem but now its just...
  2. uzair

    Oracle Certified anyone?

    hi , I'm gonna take my second exam(DBA Fundamentals-1) of OCA certification next week.. can someone tell me something about it? Is it enough if i read the dumps alone to pass.. i'm really terrified of the exam.. Can you specify sites at which i can get latest dumps for free? guide...
  3. techking_dinesh

    All Hamachi Networks Post Here

    Well it is a lot of trouble finding hamachi networks to play online so i created this thread where everyone can post their own networks or the well known networks that they know so that it is easy for all here r some from my side: ( Not my Networks ) Game: Age of Empire all versions...
  4. Psychosocial

    Television --> Just a wastage of time.

    Back some time.... TV used to be one hell of a passtime and sometimes even addiction. I used to watch TV for 4-5hrs. but now, I just find it boring and dull with sooo many ads that I hardly watch half an hour and that too while lunch or dinner. The only shows worth watching are sports matches...
  5. Krazzy Warrior

    Monster Mission Desert [GTA-SA]

    GTA-San Andreas [Help] Hey guys, I am stucked at Monster Truck Mission in GTA-SA (In Desert) where u have to pass through all the checkpoints in less that 6:30 it always take me around 7:30 to pass..:mad: Is there any way (shortcut) or any Cheat<---yet I dislike them till know I have used 0...
  6. shift

    World's Hardest Game

    The World's Hardest Game How many level can u pass through?
  7. kanu2k7

    X-RAY knowledge

    Hi Guyz!!!! Actually i am shifting to an international location, so I am taking my Desktop PC with me. And I am gonna disassemble my pc except for the cpu and mobo. I only wanted to know that during the customs checking they check they pass the baggages through X-RAY machines, So does it harms...
  8. bukaida

    pass a text information to a php page using link

    I want to pass a text information to a php page using link. The following code will display my intention <html> <head><title>Display by id</title> </head> <body> <form > <table align="center"> <tr><td><b>Enter the Book id:</b></td> <td><input type="text" name="id"...
  9. clmlbx

    how to make the string function ?

    hello , I KNOW what is string.h and all it's function........(strrev,strcpy,strlen.and all )but how to make their own defined functions...how to pass the value to programme ..................[THAT SELF MADE FUNCTION.........THAT WE DEFINE BEFORE MAIN() FUNCTION.]
  10. A

    help!!!!os messed up

    hey i just used a pen drive of a frenz o mine..i inserted it in my comp after takin wat i wantd frm his lap d files transferred properly but wen did it again to transfer other files before pluggin it it in my pc restarted...then i tried loggin in again it accepted my user n pass but then when...
  11. chicha

    jericho, completed(spoliers inside)

    at last the game is over. disappointing game over all. the end is really really bad, it just gets over just like that. :(. appart from all that, a nice time pass. in the end 2 main characters die. the story is not strong enough. and to my taste its not worth playing one more time...
  12. rahul.ims

    one more puzzle

    hey guys... i know dat for most of u brilliant guys...solving this puzzle is a game of few seconds.....but still its kool to sit and solve...so a little time pass for all....for me also...as i haven't solved this yet.....:D extract the Try.zip file and start playing
  13. max_demon

    Password recovery for Symbian

    my friend has forgot his Password for a VERY IMPORTANT file . if any , i mean ANYONE can crack file i will be very glad . it is the matter for his life . his friend got to knew his old pass and changed it to a new pass , and it maybe starts with ro and the pass is 4-5 letters long . PLEASE...
  14. r2d2

    Latest! giftmate Rs. 250 voucher scheme

    Haven't tried this but yet another free Rs. 250 voucher scheme from giftmate. First u need to register at www.zapak.com then go here. Existing giftmate users can also buy a match pass of Rs. 50 from www.neosports.zapak.com. Edit: Direct linking has been disabled by Giftmate, now you need to...
  15. azzu

    Again :((

    just installed the fedora 7 and forgot the PAss and username Help me
  16. H

    Bangalore transport corporation to go tech way, Launching E-Ticketing soon

    Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is stepping to launch e-ticketing soon. A debit card kind of cards will be sold to passengers & these cards can be recharged as you recharge your mobile phones. While catching a bus, you need to just swipe this card in front of a installed...
  17. V

    sorting passwords in firefox

    hi guys i have a problem sometime you register at website and let firefox remember pass for you and then by mistake you manually type a wrong pass i have a lot password save . so here is the problem can is it possible to sort you passwords alphabetically using site names.
  18. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    How to Restore FireFox Bookmakrs n Cookies

    How to Restore FireFox Bookmakrs n Cookies i hv 100+ sites id n pass stored in firefox now im formattin n reinstallin OS how to get back this witout enterin..id n pass to all sites or jus i copy paste the old FireFox files to new os FireFox folder ?? waitin for reply
  19. spironox

    when do i wake up

    :cool: yeah its idiotic to see such thread but what to do time pass man its raining outside am sitting duck inside
  20. Hustlerr

    Orkut Hacked but How,When,Whom did it ????

    Orkut Hacked but How,When,Who did it ???? I just logged in my Orkut a/c through Orkut Cute and didn't notice my name. Then i scrapped smbody and saw my name was changed with my password Like my orkut name is X X and pass is Y So my name was " My Password is Y " not "X X" This happened...
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