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  1. vish786

    pass the virus

    does anyone have this microsoftpowerpoint.exe virus/malware... then please pass it to me. :)
  2. ruturaj3

    Creating batch file from VB

    Hi guys, I want to create a batch file in vb. Can anyone tell me the code. After creating the file i aslo want add some command in that file. Also want to pass string which i will take from text box.

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  4. nitish_mythology

    Unable to Access hi5 account

    I recently changed the pass of my hi5 account.. No when ever I login..hi5 reports the pass to b incorrect! The old pass is obiously nt working I tried the frgt pass feature ,hi5 reports tht mail was successfully sent to my email id but I hv nt received any mails. Help me Pls. This Id is...
  5. vish786

    serious problem with 6820 mobile

    hi guys, my 6820 nokia mobile software has got corrupt... i also reported this problem in the NOKIA'S Head Office in bangalore but they too dont hav the software to install in my mobile... if anybody has the software please pass the software urgently otherwise i have to throw my mobile in dust...
  6. rajasekharan

    New Game for you......

    http://freedom.altroz.net/ there u go....:) challenge yourself and get pass the levels..... you need to think and think a lot some levels are easy, but some truly hard...... needs an understanding of computers....... its not a gui one ....nut its very very addictive ...
  7. S

    net on pc using MO!

    i know this topic has been discussed on the forum lots of times.......... but i'm still not getting the solution to my problem i am using 6600 and and got MO activated(bangalore)............. i can access net on my cellphone but it doesn;t work when i try it on my lappy.... this is what...
  8. A

    software 4lovkin partitions

    hi i wanted to kno whether ther is ne soft which i can use to lock or put a pass on ma drives so dat no one else can access em...
  9. aditya1987

    This OR That?

    Which one one these two produces better, sharper picture with vivid colour when encoding at same bitrate. Xvid 1.1.0 using 2 pass OR DivX 6.3 (1-pass) at insane quality. Your kind help will be greatly appriciated .
  10. ionicsachin

    Imposition of non corruptable entrance exam in politics

    I suppose one of the good ways of improving society is to conduct a national level exam for politicians that shud be non corruptable like IIT and AIMS. Also those who pass the exam must stand for election by people. What do u say?????
  11. A

    ***need ur urgent help pls***

    need ur urgent help pls Recently I downloaded a software AIO:- AIO BEST SYSTEM TOOLS Ace Utilities v3.0.0.4038 AusLogics BoostSpeed Kaspersky Personal Security Suite Installer 1.1.53 PowerShell-XP3 Registry First Aid Perfect Disk 7.0 Nucleus Kernel for FAT and NTFS SuperRam Setup...
  12. S

    Reset Windows XP Passwords

    Now the first software that I am posting here was given to me by a friend almost a year ago. This software can reset any WindowsXP password including admin account. I have checked it only on WinXP without SP2. If it works on SP2 plz post it here. I've been using XP64 and linux for a long...
  13. C

    Cant get rid off moviepass

    Hey guys, My friend has a problem... he has downloaded some stuff from www.moviepass.tv....... now everytime he connects to net, a movie pass window opens up saying the trial period is expired..... anybody know how to get rid of this thing?
  14. M

    how to make an password protected (copy protected) CD

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me 2 make a copy and pass word protected cd
  15. infra_red_dude

    Shocking Stuff! "You have just been infected by HIV"

    Dear Friends, A few weeks ago, in a movie theatre, a person felt something poking from her seat.When she got up to see what it was, she found a needle sticking out of the seat with a note attached saying "You have just been infected by HIV". The Disease Control Center (in Paris ) reports...
  16. QwertyManiac

    Yahoo password hacked

    Help Please, I put my comp into standby and went out for a while, it was connected to the internet. When I returned and saw my messenger which was ON too, It showed the message that 'You have signed in from another device'. I tried signin in but got an invalid password error. It looks like...
  17. L

    very imp. pasword recovery RAR ... help!

    hi, i rared a file which is important now, a week back and dont know a part of the pass... i mean i dont know where to insert the underscores ( _ ) and there are abt 3-4 underscores and total of 18 letters in pass... which software can i use.. i remember all the other words i mean the words...
  18. shariq_pj

    Help needed with Installation

    Guys, I installed Mandrake Linux on my comp... After all the installation it says Failure to load... Pass init= option to kernel... Help me guys.. Linux is completely Alien to me...
  19. champ_rock

    ONE more PRob

    ok guys (fc4) when i run sudo in normal mode... it asks for my pass and then it says Sorry try again. It does not log me in.. but that pass works fine when i log in as root... also that pass runs fine...when i use a gui network editor or package manager something...
  20. S

    C++ with Vb.NET

    I want to pass parameters from a window application of vb.NET to a c++ code. How can I do this??
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