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All Hamachi Networks Post Here


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Well it is a lot of trouble finding hamachi networks to play online
so i created this thread where everyone can post their own networks or the well known networks that they know so that it is easy for all

here r some from my side: ( Not my Networks )

Game: Age of Empire all versions
network name: goaoe
pass: 1

I know more but dont remember heir pass
Will post as soon as i remember

I hope this thread is helpful


The High 5 Flyer
seems a good idea......let the thread be alive form couple of days and people should response.... @amara can you put some more Himachi servers.....

I am posting from office so dont remember but once home I shall put few for NFS UG2 and COD5


Lets Do It!
For COD4

1.Counter_Bumpy ..... (Created by Plasma Snake).... Pass is 123.
2.Gamerz India COD4 3 ..... pass is cod4

For COD5

1.COD5FT5 2 ... Pass is 123

Anybody interested in COD4 n COD5 details n all can PM me :)


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ya i said all cs
by the way we dont need hamachi to play cs
there is a direct connect option

neways it is open for cs too
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