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    I tried to change the password of mozilla thunderbird. There are 3 fields i.e current pass; new pass; reenter new pass; I dont think i ever ever and ever assigned any password to tb. Please help me and tell me how to recover this pass.
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    Now can any one help me out? I can't get Fedora Core 3 working with my Nokia 6600. I want to use GPRS through Bluetooth. I have created a modem using rfcomm command. I followed some steps provided on the Internet. Everything goes fine till I dial using wvdial command. The Phone gets connected...
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    Need control-keys / tricks to play FIFA Soccer 2004

    Hi All, I need to know the control-keys/tricks to play FIFA Soccer 2004. Below r the keys that I know: A - tackle/lob pass, E- run fast taking the ball, S- short pass D - attacking shot with this, I cant compete with the opponent team (lets say with a low-rated team). Every...
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