1. K

    Windows 10 installation: windows could not apply unattended settings during pass [Offline Servicing]

    Hi folks, I bought ASUS R558UR. Facing the Win10 64 bit Installation issue: "Windows 10: windows could not apply unattended settings during pass [Offline Servicing]" This occurs during the Installing updates phase while installing windows 10. Please help me.
  2. D

    What After B Tech ?

    Hello all this is my first post in forum hope ya'll be nice to me :p I do know that things like these are to be decided on our own and nobody can exactly TELL you what to do . But ive seen lotta people getting good POINTERS from fellow members here when i GOOGLed my dilemma hence posting...
  3. doomgiver

    How do I pass a file/document as a JavaScript argument? (Using HTML)

    I'm using HTML to get a file from local disk using input type="text". I want to pass the file as an argument to a Javascript code that will convert it to base64. I cannot figure out how to pass the file to the JS code.
  4. H

    Xp problem

    Am in the admin in the xp ....when ever i put a password and restart it goes straight to the desktop without asking the pass...please help
  5. pramudit

    need info about backstage pass school of gaming

    i was searching for college with a degree program for btech in game development and i found backstage pass in digit ft... can anyone tell about its reputation, placement and entrance exam...? i am currently giving 12th exam and want to join good game developnent college....
  6. socrates

    'Will dance naked if government doesn't pass lokpal bill'

    Not sure if Annaji likes this type of 'support' 'Will dance naked if government doesn't pass lokpal bill' - Hindustan Times Anyway we have heard these type of boasts. :D
  7. Vyom

    Treat for sky gazers: Asteroids to Pass By very Close to Earth on Monday

    Close Encounter: Asteroid to kiss the earth on Monday
  8. M

    3 years late in passing, please advise

    i joined in 2005, could not pass in time. now i will pass btech in 2012 june. how badly can it affect my career. My gpa is also low. 5 point something. can i join any it company after i pass out.
  9. speedyguy

    xhtml help

    i need to write an xhtml code with a paragraph where i need to assign colors based on their words. for example, all prepositions with color red. how do i do that? now what i know is, i can use css to assign colors, or use javascript to pass events. but how do i put up an if for a particular...
  10. gameranand

    Buy Dragon Age 2 and Get Mass Effect 2 for Free.

    Hey Guys I recently found this news on internet than Bioware is giving Mass Effect 2 for free who'll buy Dragon Age 2. This is their celebration as they sold out 1 million copies of Dragon Age 2 in first 2 weeks I guess. All right Here is the Link for that And one important thing this offer...
  11. speedyguy

    Help: passing javascript variable to other html

    Consider the following code in jsp where im validating a login and password::: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- <body bgcolor="grey"> <h1> WELCOME TO XYZ</h1> <% String usr2=request.getParameter("username"); String...

    folder lock

    im lookking for a software a folder lock software it should run at start up, it should protect folders with a singl password encryption not needed; i need faster access,so no encryption or compression; if u click ur protected folder it shud ask you for a pass if pass is true,show the...
  13. N

    Airtel and Torrent

    I am getting very low speed in torrents through Airtel Broadband : I am using Asus RT-G32 router with Beetel modem, and unable to connect to peers. Torrent reflects "No incoming connections"/ I checked the Beetel Diagnostics page and the ATM OAM segment ping fails ?? >> Testing Ethernet LAN...
  14. RBX

    ebiz ???

    My friend who joined ebiz ( ) a few months ago has been persuading me to join too. Is it legit and beneficial ? The courses, tutorials etc they showed are available for free at many websites and even in a better manner. They allow getting certificates if you pass the quiz but how...
  15. V

    recovering gmail pass

    Hello guys I had an email act with gmail whose pass i forget and also the alternate email add and the answer of the security question, but i have an other act with gmail and the answer to the security question is same with the act whose pass i forget ,is there any software where i can just...
  16. eggman

    Suggest games to pass time in the back benches!

    Hi I regularly sit at the last desks in my class , so that its easier to isolate my ears from lectures whinny voice!! So usually to pass time me and my friends play games like HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD , in which one person just gives the vowels of a flick and other person has to guess full name in...
  17. A

    Username and Pass not saved in Dial up - Windows 7

    Hi guys, I have an BSNL connection . . I have made it such that i can disconnect and reconnect without having to turn it off ( for ip-change frequently) . . .But now i have to everytime type in my username and pass in the dial-up for connecting... It doesn't save my pass even if i choose...
  18. G

    xp looking like windows 2003?

    hi guys, recently one of my relative played with my network settings and installed some netware/netbios client in my lan setting. i removed it but it has changed my xp login screen into one similar to win 2003(always prompting to pass although i dont have any and having options tab) and when i...
  19. A

    what is the next big thing???

    random thought... MS and sony were involved in a fierce graphics battle and along comes Wii and takes away all the glory by focusing on the casual gamer... and then 2 years pass... so what is next?? what is the next big thing in gaming and why has it taken so long for an industry that is at the...
  20. Scott274

    What to do with old Hard Disk !!!

    So last month I had brought a new Seagate hard disk, prepared it and transferred all the data from my old Samsung hard disk (about 4 years old) to it. The reason for buying a new disk was, while working on my PC (old hard disk) sometimes I would hear a faint ticking noise and the the system used...
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