1. stellar

    Merging Partition

    I have 500 gb HDD and i made 4 partition of 115 gb. But i Need 3 partition only. How can i delete one partition and allocate the free space to the other partition equally.
  2. C

    Partitioning 2 TB HDD

    What is the recommended way of partitioning a 2 TB HDD ? Should i make it 2 * 1 TB partition or just one 2 TB partition ? Is there any advantages/disadvantages of doing so ? Like large disk take more time to disk check or chance of FAT/MBR corruption etc ? I am going for 2 * 2 TB HDD (i...
  3. ithehappy

    My HDD has gone slow, I think, what to do?

    For past few weeks I think that my HDD is performing very slowly, it's a WD 1TB Black drive, running Win 7 x64. Say when I boot up PC the HDD keeps loading a 27 GB torrent file I am downloading and it takes almost 5 minutes for that file to check under U Torrent, for that 5 minutes period other...
  4. M

    ext HDD, one partition shows " The Folder is Empty" :(

    Dear Experts, i was using my 2.5' Ext HDD for the last few years. i have saved most precious files in partition M. but last few months, i am facing a problem, that whn i open the M it shows THE FOLDER IS EMPTY. but whn i am checking from My Computer it exactly shows the USED and FREE...
  5. sanny16

    How do i verify whether the Hard disk is dynamic or basic?

    I just bought a new HP laptop, which has 3 partitions - C drive with 915 gb, D drive with recovery and E drive with HP tools. Now i know that now a days every pc maker are giving a dynamic hdd, but how do i check it or verify it? Can i convert the dynamic hdd to basic without corrupting the...
  6. D

    Problem with RAM Upgradation for my old PC

    My old PC has the following configuration: Intel 845gvsr mobo Intel PIV 80 gb pata hdd 512 mb ddr hynix Ram LG CD/DVD Writer. It has been installed with win 98se in c: partition and win xp sp2 in d: partition. In total four partition are there : C,D,E,F. As 512mb is not sufficient in running...
  7. death_syndicate

    need help! windows 8 and kali dual boot

    I had installed amd64 on a 13 gb freespace with a 300 mb boot partition, installed grub onto the boot partition. I then booted into windows, started easybcd, added a new linux pointing it to the boot partition. Rebooted. I was welcomed with the windows boot manager to choose from win8 and kali...
  8. C

    After installation Windows 8.1 not booting

    I tried to install OS from several windows 8.1 iso (after writing them into dvd) but when all unpacking & installations completes & PC restarts one final time PC directly boot from windows 7 it neither show windows 8.1 option nor it finalise installation (final step where we insert PC name after...
  9. C

    Is it good to backup os partition & small system partition?

    1. im thinking about backup the small system partition, Windows 8.1 & win 7 (Both x64 os) but i heard that there are always issue even when hardware is not change after backup & restore os. which is better clean install or backup with utility like acronis true disk? 2. Which utility is better...
  10. kg11sgbg

    Unable to install any Linux Distro OS besides Windows 7

    Hi all,Very recently I've purchased a GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 motherboard(socket AM3+/Socket AM3),as my old BIOSTAR TA785GE 128M (socket AM2+) motherboard went kaput. This Gigabyte mobo supports UEFI as well as LEGACY BIOS. I have installed my Windows 7 PRO.(64-bit) completely successfully,but...
  11. A

    How to create 2 active partitions on Pen-Drive

    Hi Guys, I wanted to create 2 NTFS partition in my 32 GB Kingston pen-drive (one 500mb and remaining) I try so much ting but it doesn't work for me I also refer Krazzy Warrior tutorial on the same * but...
  12. root.king

    / /var /home

    guys I'm planning to install mint 15 on my system, current os is windows7 & my disk partition is as follows c:37gb d:40gb e:40gb f:40gb all NTFS and want to install mint in C: partition & confused about how much drive size needed for each like '/' '/var' '/home' can any one guide me does...
  13. N

    Laptop is not starting and not formating

    my dell inspiron n5010 is not starting after a windows 8 crash after so many try i gave up in formating menu is says plese enable disk controller from bios ..i googled it i think my hdd is locker from bios i tryed using ubantu to format it make 1 gb ext2 primary partition but to install ubantu i...
  14. stellar

    Dual Boot Win 7 & Win 8

    I have searched in Net how to install both Win 7 and Win 8 but Mostly I found, It gets install in same C: ( System) Drive. I have 500 Gb HDD and i made it into 3 Partition of 166 GB each. My question is Can I install Windows 8 in D: Partition n Instead of C: and still get dual boot option. Run...
  15. K

    HELP !! Multiple OS installation !!!

    Hi, I bought the G6 2313ax yesterday. I have a couple of problems. 1. DOS was pre-installed which is using FAT32(still there). so without removing it i installed Windows 7. I was able to create only 3 drive partitions. 2. Now from the remaining unpartitioned space,i created a new drive (NTFS)...
  16. samudragupta

    question about partition on windows 7

    hi friends, i have never done partition before so need some clarification. i currently have C:/684gb & Recovery D:/13.7gb. is there a need for partition? also in case i do create partitions, then on which drive should i install apps & games, on the new partition created or on C:/ drive? i have...
  17. S

    Partitioning Problem

    Hi, I've bought lenovo u410 ultrabook recently. It has 500gb HDD. C:\ drive is of size 420GB . I want to partition it into two 120+300. I tried to do it using EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.1 Home Edition. It shows following Error. (shown in pic) Please Help. Thank you..!!
  18. flyingcow

    windows installation error please help please [urgent] :'(

    i recently built a new system with these following specs- 8350 m5a97 evo r2.0 wd blue 1tb 7950 w/boost sniper ram seasonic 620 w psu pc booted up to the bios in the first try. then i prepared a win 7 bootable usn, started to install, came to the screen whr we have to partition. it...
  19. Harsh Pranami

    Removing factory installed recovery partition and making a new one

    Hi friends. I was wondering if I could remove the factory installed recovery partition and make a new one with all the windows and drivers update. Is this possible?? If yes then please tell me the procedure.Thanks
  20. A

    [URGENT] Recover deleted partition

    Yesterday I want to format my Laptop, so started VAIO Rescue CD and by mistake I formatted my entire Disk. Please suggest any good Partition Recovery tools. Its urgent guys. I lost my important data. Some info. Previously it was C Drive - 80 GB D Drive - 500 GB After format I created C...
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