1. S

    Backup root partition

    Backup solution for linux Hi all... I have an almost stable opensuse 11.1 in my laptop now... I need to know how to backup the root partition so that at a later stage I can restore the entire OS in case it is corrupted...plz suggest an opensource software to take a backup.... I heard about...
  2. V

    Ubuntu+XP Installation

    Hi guys. I'm planning to format and reinstall Xp Sp3 and Ubuntu 9.04. I have deleted my D: partition which is about 20 gb. So, here's how I'm planning to do this. 1: First install XP on C: 2: I will then copy the entire contents of the C:drive (Windows Xp) and put it in another partition...
  3. A

    Partition on Hard-Disk !

    Hello Friends, I bought a new Laptop sometime back. I have not made any partition on my Hard disk, I have not divided it into two parts as they normally do like a C Drive and a D Drive or something like that.If I am like using it only for my personal use. Without connecting to any network or...
  4. surinder

    virus efected HDD please help....

    One of my friends system got effected from a unknown virus which makes a copy of itself using the name of container folder in every sub folder I installed avast 4.8 professional in system and it removed the virus from the system now a problem occurred from my computer I can't open any...
  5. M

    Software to Partition my HD

    I used the in built disk utility in vista to partition my 320G disk, but i cant reduce the OS drive to below 170GB. Which software can i use to partition that drive ? Can i use partition magic in xp sp2 compatibility mode? Are there any issues? Is there any open source program? Pls guide me....
  6. C

    Need to resize linux partiton

    By mistake I have given my Ubuntu partition lots of extra space, And I am lacking space on Windows to store stuff on.So I need to resize my Windows partition while reducing the size of the Linux partition. So, which Software can probably help me?. I've tried Paragon Partition Manager it does...
  7. S

    Help regarding partitioning my disk

    Hello friends, Recently, I have stuck up with a new problem. Actually i have 43gb in partition (F:) out of that 24gb are free space... So I decided to create a new partition using that 24 gb.... I tried lot of softwares to create partition but nothing helped... When i use partition magic...
  8. virus_killer

    Can't view ext2 partition.

    Guys, Since past few days i am facing this strange problem. I've tried to fix it up but couldn't and that's why I'm here now. I have got this 1 gig micro SD card. couple of days before i formatted it and made two partitions , the FAT32 and the other one was ext2. now, i can't see this ext2...
  9. bhutanesedude

    Disk Partition in Vista

    Hi to all, Can any one tell me whether I can make the partition to my Hard disk, which is using Vista Ultimate? I mean, like, right now I have only one hard disk of 250GB, that is C, but now I want to partition is without having to format it or without having to reinstall the OS, so can any one...
  10. r4gs

    Windows XP boot trouble

    I did a clean install of xp pro and then installed windows vista on a separate partition. Now i can't access xp. It doesn't show up on the boot menu but the partition is accessible from vista. How do i get xp back without formatting?
  11. A

    Help Me Plz

  12. A

    Help Help Help Help Plz

  13. W

    Linux Mint option missing in xp boot loader

    Hi Guys I had installed Linux Mint 6 using Wubi installer in a dual boot config with windows XP. But then I tried to install Ubuntu 8.10 using Wubi installer again to another partition of the same hard disk just to try it out. After Wubi completed its work I restarted. But I saw no option of...
  14. vandit

    Cant create partition

    My friend has a dell inspiron 1525. As the dell guys didnt partition the hdd; we had to do it ourselves. So i had to shrink the volume. And now i had a 66 gb volume which is grey in color and the label says - unallocated. Now i right clicked on it and tried to format it as ntfs and then a...
  15. hellknight

    The BSD Thread!!

    Browsing this forum since last 2-3 years and I think that we don't have any BSD related thread.. so its time to start it now.. I installed PC-BSD 7 today and i must say that it is a wonderful operating system. All you Linux geeks will feel at home using it.. although its different.. I...
  16. D

    trojan- inject.ojp not allowing drives to open

    when i double click a hdd partition (say my c :\ drive),nothing happens.if i right click & select open, nothing happens..i can open the partition by right clicking & choosing explore & through>computer management>disk management. i also scanned my system for virus,malware etc using avira antivir...
  17. N

    Recovering Ubuntu After Reinstalling XP

    Hi guys Please help me.... I used to dual boot XP with Ubuntu 8.04. Due to some virus infections in XP, I reinstalled it without deleting my Ubuntu partitions. Now I want to recover my old Ubuntu OS without reinstalling it. I believe there is some command for it. Please give me the details...
  18. thinknano

    Windows XP Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

    These steps are for a clean install of XP. Read this article for steps on upgrading your current system to XP. First, you're...
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