1. I

    Primary partition and data storage

    Hello I've been thinking a while what partition should be used for data storage. Let's say I want just two partitions on my HDD for OS for data Shall I create two primary partitions or one primary and one logical? I don't know why but I've always created one primary and one logical...
  2. kg11sgbg

    To convert a dual OS tablet into a single OS Android Tablet only

    My Datamini TWG10 dual OS tablet has Windows10 and Android 5.1 (lolipop) installed. I want to use the tablet's full space of 32GB as Android5.1 tablet only. How do I erase the Windows partition and others,BUT KEEPING THE ANDROID partition intact and amalgamate the free space? This is a UEFI BIOS...
  3. rohitshakti2

    Recovery of Deleted Partition

    Hi friends I am having a 1TB seagate internal HDD which is nearly 4 years old and was working fine till now. But in the last few months two of my partitions got deleted automatically and became unallocated. The partition size was nearly 225 gb in each of them. These 2 partitions were...
  4. clmlbx

    ubuntu installation

    well I am finally trying to install ubuntu on my hard-drive(no virtual machine). So I need help ok let me share first what I have and what I want in end. I have 2 hard disk 500GB and 1TB say new one just made one partition for now of 150GB out of 1 TB so it still has unallocated/free space...
  5. patkim

    Win + Linux dual boot - Deleting an adjacent NTFS partition results into Linux boot failure

    I have Vaio laptop with dual boot config. Windows 7 primary and Linux Mint 17 is installed on 3 logical partitions. boot, swap & root partitions. They are at end of extended space and there are other NTFS partitions in the same extended space that were created by Windows before I installed Linux...
  6. jkultimate

    Can I Install 32 bit and 64 bit OS in same computer..?

    I currently have a 32bit processor, and a 32bit OS Windows 7 In order to play GTA 5, I want to install 64 bit OS. So without formatting my current 32 bit OS, can I install 64 bit in one partition..? While booting, it should ask 32 or 64. How to do so? Please help..?
  7. P

    Windows 10 with old recover

    Will installing windows 10 insider preview on another partition affect my old windows 7 recovery?
  8. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on creating partition on new 2TB HDD WD Red

    I Recently bought a 2 TB Internal HDD from WD. Need suggestions on the partition I need to create. I intend to use this as the only HDD. I'm not sure about the existing HDD's that I have so want to use the new one as the one for both OS and storing Personal files, movies etc. What should be...
  9. V

    Password Protect External Harddisk

    I bought this Hitachi touro mobile 1TB drive it does not have any software utilities as other drive and i want to password protect the drive partition which software should i use i have see true crypt but its interface and setup look complicated can i use wd security software or suggest any...
  10. A

    Advise on 2TB HDD partition for different drives [Seagate Barracuda 2TB]

    1. Should I buy new drive with partition? or Should I buy new drive with no partition? 2. How much space should I keep for C: drive?? Recommended space? Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.. use for gaming.. I was thinking to make 4 drives.. silly question.. but need answers... ;)
  11. patkim

    Created primary partition and logical drive got deleted

    I have 80gb spare hdd that I use to install Linux or do such tryouts. I installed Linux mint on it in such a way that Linux was installed on logical drives. 20 gb free space, then 40 gb primary partition and remaining was extended partition with 3 logical drives boot, root and swap for Linux...
  12. setanjan123

    HDD Partition corrupt

    I have a 160gb seagate hdd. Now the C Drive is a 30gb partition. I use win xp. About a year ago i used EASUS Partition manager to make a 10gb partition labelled G:. The G partition was made from the C drive. So now i had a 20gb or so c drive and 10gb g drive. I installed win7 in the g drive and...
  13. sling-shot

    How to escape bootloop following Link2SD use?

    Today I came across Towelroot method of rooting by GeoHot for my Xperia ZR. Now the root went as planned. I installed SuperSU as suggested but I found out that PIN based root right protection needs premium/pro version. So I installed SuperUser which I remember has this feature (I use this on the...
  14. ramakanta

    1TB WD Purple HDD- Partition ???

    I have bought a 1TB WD Purple HDD . I want to load Win 7 sp1 . but I am confusing about partition , please any suggestion for memory allocation for c: d: etc .... thank you.
  15. B

    WD Caviar Green EZRX 3TB hard disk detected in BIOS but not in device manager

    Hello, So i had recently purchased WD caviar green 3tb hard disk (EZRX). I installed it in my NZXT gamma and completed all the necessary connections. Boot into windows 8.1 and went to Disk Management for initializing the new drive. Initialized it with GPT partitioning and made one 2.7 TB...
  16. S

    dual boot an uefi system

    hi I have an dell vostro having win8 installed in uefi GPT partition. My question is that if I install windows 7 on a non gpt partition and boot it in legacy bios mode rather than an uefi mode will it effect the win8 which is in uefi mode. pls reply
  17. omega44-xt

    Merging two partition

    I created a 15-20GB partition for installing Ubuntu (trying it out), no more using it. So I want my 20GB back in one of my partitions. How can I do it ? My laptop is currently running in Windows 8.1
  18. J

    Windows 8.1 not booting (deleted boot partition)

    I used Euseus Partition Master to merge a boot partition to another partition(didnt know it was the boot partition at that time), but after restarting am not able to boot to windows. I get an error message on the boot screen "Boot Device not found. Please install an operating system on your...
  19. V

    Laptop Hard Disk Partition

    hi I have a laptop with a recovery partition of windows 8 (around 10gb) and other partition for data and software (around 500gb). So my question is that I want to create 5 partitions of 100gb each of my 500gb partitioned hdd. So if i create these 5 partitions, WILL MY WINDOWS...
  20. E

    Win 8 Single Language OEM

    Can anyone post a reliable dl link for the OEM version ? I have an HP notebook and i forgot to make recovey discs before deleting the recevery partition. And i want to avoid buying recovery disc if possible. I believe since the license is in the bios, this wont be piracy or will it? Thanks.
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