1. d3p

    Antivirus Guide & User Reviews.

    Hi Guys, As the old Antivirus thread was quite old, the thread has been closed. So it's the time for a new one, but not a poll type. Here user of the following anitvirus can post there comments as well as rate them out of 5 with their usage experience. I hope it will help some noob to a Pro...
  2. T

    Beware of

    Hello friends, read on to find out how I was cheated and how you can be cheated too. I was looking for a used Honda City ZX. I reached while searching for it. There I found a CityZX for Rs.1.50lk. They asked me to pay to get the seller details. I paid Rs.500. I got the details as ...
  3. khmadhu

    Free GPS navigation for samsung bada OS ?

    Hi, is there any free app for bada os which allows to download maps for ofline use like nokia does?. if there is no free app atleast name the paid app other than route66. i am having samsung wave 525 mobile.
  4. T

    Free antivirus for laptop?

    I have just bought a Sony Vaio VPCEB24EN laptop. Some questions: 1. Should I purchase an antivirus program? 2. Can I install a free antivirus? 3. What are the benefits of a paid antivirus program? 4. Which free antivirus is best for laptops? Please don't recommend AVG and Avast! 5. Which...
  5. expertno.1

    Bangaloreans Help Me !

    Where to buy Acer 5740G with this config :- ATI mobility radeon 5650 gpu , core i5 , 4gbddr3,500gb hdd , etc . in Bangalore , i am new here so i donno where to go and search for . EDIT :- Getting this on thursday , paid rs10000 advance . but the dealer is trying to get this on tuesday...
  6. I

    Need Ra or Ram to Mp3 converter

    please suggest a converter free or paid but should be fast.
  7. koolbuddy92

    Performance difference b/w paid and free AV..

    Hi everyone.. I wanted to know the difference in performance provided by paid and free antiviruses.. I've heard that the only difference is that the free one's don't give real time protection (so basically you won't know if certain virus attacks the pc and can only be removed by scanning the...
  8. H

    pirated or orisinal

    * this website is providing extended trial license for paid software. Or these software are original and can i trust this site for their paid software promotional offers. there is one more site * is this site offer original promo offers.
  9. r4gs

    Scanning and OCR

    I have a HP 2488 printer/scanner. I have a whole pile of magazines which I want to scan and convert to pdf. I want a software that will scan the document, extract the text and images and write to another format, say pdf, with the same page and text formatting, image placement, etc. The...
  10. N


    Hi, I want to setup a website... I trying to find both paid and free options for it.. I tried to search for topics already discussed on this but could nt find any ... Please tell me some free webhosting services... can i get a free domain also?? and also tell me option for paid ones...
  11. yours_majesty

    FS: Mobo, Processor, RAM

    For sale are the following: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66GHz 3MB LGA775 (7 months old) processor for Rs.4500/- shipping paid. This is in its original box with Heatsink Fan, bill & warranty. SOLD Corsair XMS 2x1GB DDR2 PC6400 (800MHz) RAM (7 months old) for Rs.1500/- shipping paid, with...
  12. din

    Please suggest - Software to resize video (change width and height)

    Was in search of of softwares which can change the dimensions of a video clip without losing the quality. To make it clear, as an example. If a video clip is 800X600, want to make it 200X150, but without losing quality / frame rate etc. Basically no change to video except the dimensions...
  13. M

    anybody know abt printer cartridges?

    I am looking forward to refill my printer cartridge (canon cl-830 and cl-831) if any body has got it done in bangalore through any shops and is satisfied with it pls let me know the address of the shop and also the price u paid for it. preferably in south bangalore Also how do u stop the...
  14. chicha

    310-200 solaris part 1 dumps

    where can i download free dumps for 310-200 dumps for sun solaris 10 i have googled and found many but they were all paid or only trial versions type. please help
  15. vaibhav_jain

    !!!!!!PlEaSe HeLp!!!! Recover my Yahoo id

    :confused:recently somebody hacked my yahoo id . that id is very important for me. it contains some very confidential data. i tried to contact yahoo but they say they can only support paid accounts. my id is not paid. so please help me guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:!!
  16. ashu888ashu888

    video recording s/w

    Guys, I need a video recording s/w wich can record videos midway playing on my PC say on winamp or wmp11 (i.e only that part of the video that i want it to be recorded) say for Eg: i want to record jus a 30seconds part of a 1 hr video, so plz suggest me a s/w.. :) and also plz mention if...
  17. RCuber

    Private Chat Software

    One of my friend has about 70 members in his organization and many are not in the office network.They They are currently using their personal Yahoo messenger/Gtalk/MSN accounts for official chat. He wants a unified chat service so that only the officials employees are there in the chat. In...
  18. Krazy Bluez

    Apple iPod Nano 3G

    Hi guys, can anybody tell me how can I get free games for my Apple Ipod Nano - 3G ??? The ones on the iTunes Store are all paid ones, so any torrent would also do ! :p
  19. stellar

    Defragment Tools

    What's the best defragment software for Win Xp? Both paid and free ones.
  20. naveen_reloaded

    Does Orkut Büyükkökten get paid for each scrap?

    title says all.. is it true he gets paid from google for each scrap we write and each photo we upload to orkut ?? or is it just a MYTH ??
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