1. Nanducob

    Music Player that isn't Poweramp?

    I am tired of Power amp, did not like the interface even after using for 2-3 years.Any paid app that you find good?
  2. T

    How to become a paid political party troll?

    Whichever Indian news website i go to, there are thousands of trolls over there which post obnoxious replies to each news item. For eg. News headline: Rakhi Sawant gets plastic surgery. Troll 1: This is AAP conspiracy. Troll 2: Modi shd ban this plastic as it pollutes ganga. Troll 3: (copied...
  3. Nanducob

    Best Paid Apps

    Hi, I am not a longtime android user,just put some money in entropay,now.So would appreciate your selection of paid apps that are worth buying so that I can empty the entropay wallet :)) Genres of app I like are music,tools etc Some paid apps I liked are: Ultimate guitar app Flight radar...
  4. sling-shot

    There Is An App For That - Ask Us !

    I thought we should have a thread for suggesting applications for mobile users based on their specific requirement. Basic questionnaire : 1. What is your mobile operating system including version number? If Android, please mention if rooted or not. Eg. Android, iOS, BlackBerryOS, Symbian...
  5. 6x6

    Cheating method by mobile operators - flash message containg paid links

    Today my prepaid balance was deducted by aircel. after contacting cutomer care they told that you have followed a paid link 3 times, sent through SMS/flash message. each time it costed Rs 50. at the time of deduction my 3 year old baby was playing with mobile. what should I do to avoid such...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    How to get USB-OTG to work in Moto G ??

    Not this one but this one I looked around the internet and it seems you need to use a paid software to get OTG functionality. i just got my OTG cable from Flipkart and its not being detected at all. Some Indian users on Youtube are using the same cable on MotoG without any paid...
  7. harshilsharma63

    Training or Paid Internship

    Hi. I'll have to go on my industrial training at the end of next semester. The college provides some offers for training but some seniors told you can also opt for paid internship. Now, the university provides only 45 days for the purpose the the minimum duration of a paid internship is 3...
  8. sksksksk

    Premium WebTemplates Query

    Well.. I am thinking of building websites at domestic level... using paid templates available on net. Will the paid templates provide database along with the layout?? o.O or I need to design the database according to the attributes??
  9. Allu Azad

    Pay to View Youtube

    YouTube Blog: New ways to support great content on YouTube Do you think people will pay to watch contents in youtube ?
  10. H

    Not just Congress, media also corrupt: Kapil Sibal

    Not just Congress, media also corrupt: Kapil Sibal - The Times of India
  11. ratul

    Portable Anti-virus suggestions

    I want your views on Portable antiviruses, their benefits and complications.. i recently purchased a 1TB external, and now it's almost 350GB full, so i don't want to loose the data coz of a virus infection, i have Kaspersky Internet-Security on my lappy, and i know it'll be able to remove the...
  12. S

    Sony MDR-EX100LP Deal on Pepperfry

    I Ordered Sony MDR-EX100LP actual price Rs.990 and i had a coupon for offer of 600 on order of 1300 so i added some items to fill upto 1300 and applied the coupon and the final amount to be paid was Rs.700 i dont know anything about the headphones about in this price range Is it worth for...
  13. U

    Counter Strike 1.6 given in digit dvd

    I am a constant buyer of your magazines... Today i was searching for the older dvds.. and i was testing them out.. but in one edition (December 2010) I found counter strike 1.6 setup.. i installed it.. and it worked.. but i just wanted to know that how could you publish a paid Valve game for...
  14. aaruni

    Switching from Free hosting to Paid Hosting

    Hey Guys, I have an active SMF based forum set up on free hosting from Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel, No Ads . If in future, I want to switch from free hosting to paid hosting, will I have to create a new domain name? If I have to shift URL, what is the way?
  15. M

    free printed article delevering site, what is the benifit they looking??

    Dudes, now around the net, there is a lot of sites, offering free personal articles as a free for new users, after registering, they will provide a Promo code. last time i ordered a personal album soft copy, it shows Rs.279, after putting the promo code, it got 0. and just paid the shipping...
  16. guru_urug

    Publishing an Android app (paid/free)

    Hey guys, Ive been trying my hand at developing android apps for a few days. I came to know from a friend that Google doesnt let Indian developers to host paid apps on the market. Is that true? and also how do I earn money off a app(free and paid). How much do I get for every ad or every...
  17. meetdilip

    USB Firewall

    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit. Please suggest a good USB firewall software (paid or free) to use with Avast Free + Comodo Free Firewall. Thanks.
  18. Aj12

    [Query] Help With amazon Shipment

    Is there someone who has purchased Cases ,Cooling Kits etc or other such components from My doubt is have you been charged extra on arrival of your shipment by customs or is the final amount that you paid before confirming the order on their website the only transaction that you have...
  19. B

    SMC Intl. is trying to cheat me.. please suggest.

    Hi All, Recently I have bought Logitech Z623 speakers at Smcinternational dot com and have paid through the bank transfer method they asked. The total amount was 5850. After a couple of days, I recieved a mail from them and told that the price of the speakers is revised and asked me to...
  20. P

    How to withdraw from vmc with money

    hi guys, i enrolled in vmc (vidyamandir classes) and now i want to withdraw from it as i didnt find them nice. my parents had paid 30k and i want to withdraw with the money....what to do? thanx in advance :-(
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