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  • There's a small update here.

    Getting the below config. Used components
    Processor : Intel C2Q Q6600
    Motherboard : Intel DG33FB
    RAM : Transcend DDR2 2GB 800Mhz CL6
    GPU : Palit Geforce GTX 260 216 SP

    Above for 7k [I don't need CM extreme power pro 600w.]

    PSU : Corsair HX650 Bronze - 3k or CM Silent Pro M600 - 1.5k
    GPU : GTX 480 Amp Edition - 10k.

    You can suggest a Good DX11 Card instead of GTX480, since GTx480 consume close to 250w during full load.

    New Components
    Cabinet : CM K380 - 2.8k, CM Storm Scout 2 - 6.3k, Antec Eleven Hundred - 7k, Corsair Graphite 600T - 8k
    Capture Card : Avermedia Live Gaming Hd C985 PCIe - 13k or Avermedia DarkCrystal HD Capture Pro - 7k

    After Market Cooler : CM Hyper 212x - 2k

    TBH, Current plan is to use the following RIG to cater my Storage Needs & Sometimes will run games as hosting. All the mechanical drives i will offload into this rig.
    where can i get hd 7970 vapor x edition @31k,seee my thread(gaming pc for 80k)ankush28 suggested me a rig,but in flipkart it is available for 34k,please help
    You need to open it, where the sticker is present. One of the electrodes of the battery is not connected internally to prevent current discharging. You need to open the UPS and connect that electrode. The box should contain a guide explaining how to do it with images.
    Try Catalyst 12.7 Beta.

    HD 7970 925 Mhz comes very close to GTX 680. And any HD 7970 above 1 Ghz easily beats GTX 680.
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