1. L

    Suggest Me!!!!

    Can anybody suggest some good security stuff like anti spayware anti virus which offers real time protection.....I would like to know of any such software that comes for free and not paid ones....So anyone????
  2. anandk

    Is the free AVG AntiVirus going 2 b stopped !?

    Is the free AVG AntiVirus going 2 b stopped !? :confused: there is news and talk about the imminent demise of this favorite antivirus tool... but its a's only the older versions that are going away. the newest version of AVG av 7.5 is already available, and is still offered...
  3. shivam

    Free Sms

    Hey Guys Can Anyone Tell Me Is There Any Way To Send Free Sms On Airtel Pre Paid ? Plz Tell Me If Anyone Knows....but I Am Sure That We Can Send Free Sms....
  4. S

    sofware for video editing!

    i was thinking of making my first music video and would like to know all the software that are available for making it whether free or paid.
  5. T

    PC inventory software for hardware and software

    hi all, we have around 20 computers at our lab. i need to update all the hardware and software in all the nodes. well this is a real tiresome job to personally go and check all the assets. hence, i just wanted to know if there is any PC inventory software for hardware and software...
  6. A

    i bought K300i Sony Erricson tell me about it

    Hi guys, I paid Rs 5100 for the K300i is it worth it
  7. soham

    Google Paying For You to Install Pack and Picasa

    Paid software referals are back It's been quite a while since AllAdvantage was in the news. The company at the time had made a huge entry into online advertising and was one of the pioneers of the pay-to-refer model of advertising. Google is now bringing that model back and hopes to...
  8. P

    NFG(Need for games)

    i know this one is tough but..... I need a online game which 1. is free 2. client is not more than 20 MB 3. is as good as ragnarok(i dont know y has it become paid) 4. cool graphics 5. any game type(strtegy or rpg) plz dont giv me games like pokemon crater, runescape etc...
  9. T

    online work - paid sites details please?????????

    hi, i heard that some online works gets paid, simply working at home at free time. i am intrested in this type of work as i have broadband connection to do so. have just seen likewise site. can anyone help in this online works like sites. aken
  10. Choto Cheeta

    Help Me chosing a cyber cafe software

    hay... i am looking for a cyber cafe software... i have shortlisted few... of them the CafeZee was the best choise for me... as for the budget... but just wanted to know... any one using it?? or in that budget will i be able to get any other option?? MY needs are... simple internet cafe...
  11. R

    Linux Paid Distros

    Hey, Could someone give me a quick list of the top Linux Paid Distros, I'm doing an article on them. A Link to their official sites would be cool as well! Thanks ~ Retro
  12. G


    Where do I find Free Professional PHP Nuke Themes? :) I searched many google results, most of the themes were paid. The free one were not professional ones. :) Plz help :cry:
  13. ferrarif50

    Blackberry software

    Can somebody tell me, where I can find free...i mean really FREE blackberry-RIM software for download. I can find only the paid ones.
  14. yash

    ragnarok isnt dead yet!!!

    hi i was expecting the game thread to be dominated by ragnarok because ragnarok first came with the digit magazine, and i am from the ragnaboards forum.and afaik someone from ragnaboards is also on the digit forum. so all those worrying about whether its paid or not, its stil free and...
  15. eagle_y2j

    Any open minded here?.....

    Can someone here help me by giving his linux distribution cd to me it can be a free distro or a paid one . I can have a exchance with win distro...... or way u choose :roll:
  16. sidewinder

    Linuxant Driver

    Can anybody mail me the linuxant driver for my conexant internal modem? As we know they got paid now and the free version is limited to 14.4 kbps. So what I m asking for the version before they got paid.... Can any body?.....then plz pm me Thx in advance
  17. sujithtom

    Ragnarok is now a prepaid game!

    In a sudden action without notice soon after a 4 hour Maintenance all ragnarok players saw the following message on their client window: Ragnarok was to be made paid in March but something help them up. I think now the no of ppl playing will decrease :cry: :cry: :cry: :( :(
  18. vwad

    Request : Cheapest Indian Dedicated Servers and Paid Hosts

    Hello, I need a list of cheapest paid hosts and hosts providing dedicated server from India means to whom I can make payment in Rupees !! Also need some information regarding server management professional courses available in India. Regards, vwad
  19. J


  20. tuXian

    What is PHP Nuke?

    Whats the difference between PHP forum and PHP nuke? Plz Explain. I tried downloading PHP nuke to see whats that? But the site says its paid. Then How come many people have PHP nuke like above? Can anyone guide me?
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