1. Ganeshkumar

    Help: To design a form, in webpage

    Hi all :):) Am planning to design a web page which has a form (user information wl b filled) in it. I need to do this in d most simple way possible. As i dont know SQL,.... I am ready to learn it and do, if i can learn those quickly in 1,2 days. And the way i am thinking now in my mind...
  2. sude

    Which is the best FREE and PAID antivirus..??

    dear friends.. recently one of my friend got badly duped by buying norton antivirus 2008 original and finally getting an error while activation (invalid key..already used).. please is despair he is out to hunt for another antivirus.. but which one.. please post ur preferences for the best free...
  3. Abhishek Dwivedi

    The Laptop: Why-n-What about buying

    [GUIDE] The Laptop: Why-n-What about buying The Laptop: Why-n-What about buying I’ve being constantly receiving Emails from the visitors of my website and also received a few PMs from a some of the forum members querying about the LAPTOP’s and what and hows about buying and upgrading...
  4. K

    Is there any moderators here i am having a problem

    I want to know is there any moderators here i am having a problem with a guy with whom i have purchased the item for which i have paid the money any moderators can assist me :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  5. abhi.eternal

    Is configuring paid DTH possible??

    i wanted to know if is possible to manually configure a paid DTH service. i am planning to buy one but if it is not possible to configure it i dont think it will be of any use in outside of b'lore. if possible can anyone tell how to do it? its okay if i have to pay for subscription. ► may be...
  6. NucleusKore


    I would like to know of any good reference books/sites for Joomla, for beginers. Update: Free or paid
  7. Arun the Gr8

    Freeware counterparts of popular Paid software

    Hi Guys (and Gals), If you would rather buy a 2 GB RAM stick rather than spend 2000 bucks for a 'paid' software and use a 'freeware' instead , this thread is for you. Since most of us are patrons of specific software , I thought a thread catering the needs of freeware having the...
  8. iinfi

    paid antivirus

    i m gona go for a paid antivirus for my home use. kaspersky is a good option. i want to know how i can make the payment. its website gives me the price in Dollars. sud i be making the payment in dollars or is there an india specific site? thanks
  9. naveen_reloaded

    Hosting issue

    hi guys had my forum hosted for sometime in 110mb but now they have made MSQL for paid members only ... i cant affordx it .. is there anyother freehosting which is as good as this ??
  10. V

    which is better?

    sonycybershot t20 or canon ixus 75?my dad has brought these two cameras one i need to keep and the other hand over to my which is better. tell me in terms of quality as they have already paid the price for it. which one should we keep and which one do we give them.yipppeee
  11. 786

    Do paid versions of security apps provide more protection?

    I am really confused about it:confused:, am a home user as told by cyberboy_kerala like I am now using ZoneAlarm free, AVG Antivirus free, Spybot free editions Do you think it is enough or should use paid ones like KAV, NOD32, ZoneAlarm Pro/Internet Security :?: As for home use only
  12. Sridhar_Rao

    Office documents in mobile

    Hello, I have SE z550i. Is there any application that would allow me to view (or even edit) any of the office files (at least word docs) on my mobile. There is a paid one, but I don't know how it works. You can check it out at *
  13. iMav

    Vista Voice Recognition

    * take a look at the vdo ... i dont need to say nething PS: all voice recognition softwares are the same iv tried a paid 1 also it was a horrible experience ...
  14. chicha


    well i use the free version of the node32 which i got off i have updated to latest defnitions. the thing is that this is the first time i am using node, now while the antivirus is checking the hardisk it says after every file it reads it adds this message to it. "error...
  15. L

    Spammers gonna make ur mouth wet

    Hi people In his world if want ur work done easily by some one just tell him that he wd earn profit if he does a work. u know it works dont beleive check it As advertised on bsnl's site u find about making money by signing up on "Agloco" which promises to pay for the time u surf on the net...
  16. dashang

    need advice to earn money

    Guys, i want to earn money. Can you tell me some sites where i can earn. i am student and i dont want hard job like paid to write codes; i want some simple job like paid to surf , etc. Please Don't give reply for web advertise because i m working for 2 months only. i dont have...
  17. ravi_9793

    Free Cpanel Hosting (no ads,no pop ups)

    helo friends........ Finally I have started my own hosting company after months of planing,study and some investment. I am offering both free and paid C-panel hosting (starting Rs. 200 per year). Free Hosting is available only to limited number.
  18. aj27july

    ftp help

    Hey guys do you know any website that will allow me to upload files via a ftp client for free?? i need it urgently. please tell. i should not be a paid one. and it should not have any kind of restrictictions. I mean that it should not be a a service for free trial only. it should be free (like...
  19. nepcker

    Best Forum Software

    Which forums do you like the most? Vote away! My favourites: Best free: InvisionFree Best paid: Invision Power Board
  20. A

    It Takes A Genius To Answer This

    Ive tried my best to know how to get a email in Its not paid, I havent seen any invite for it too. And its powered by google. Lets see who is that genius who can help me.
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