Counter Strike 1.6 given in digit dvd


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I am a constant buyer of your magazines... Today i was searching for the older dvds.. and i was testing them out.. but in one edition (December 2010) I found counter strike 1.6 setup.. i installed it.. and it worked.. but i just wanted to know that how could you publish a paid Valve game for free.. and if it's legal then how could i install it on steam.. Please help... because it's not working online..

thank you


"Note : This is a Steam installer, which means
you need a valid copy of Half-Life/Counter-
Strike. The Half-Life/Counter-Strike package
can be bought via Steam for €9.99"
From above link :p


Lost in speed
Counterstrike 1.6 is whole India's tutorial game for LAN & Multiplayer! :p
Maybe the Valve game has more LEVELS than FREE!
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